A Peaceful East Tennessee Cabin Retreat

We just got back from a brief trip to East Tennessee, and after learning about all the area has to offer, we really wish we could have stayed longer. But we feel pretty lucky that during our short stay we got to spend our downtime in a gorgeous cabin at White Oak Lodge & Resort, just outside of Gatlinburg. Thanks to them for hosting us!

White Oak Lodge Resort Gatlinburg

When we drove up to our private cabin, we both gasped. It was so charming! Two parking spaces out front, a spacious porch with four rocking chairs, and each of the cabins is surrounded by lush green trees.

If I weren’t single, this would be the kind of place I’d love to come for a double date weekend trip! Bottles of wine, fresh decks of cards. Ahhhh, that’s the life.

White Oak Lodge Resort cabin front porch

Inside, the cabin boasts a full kitchen equipped with everything you’d need for cooking, and a rustic yet classy dining table that’s perfect for a board game night. Or, I guess, for eating? I dunno, I’m a board game person.

White Oak Lodge Resort kitchen and dining room

Next to the dining room is a comfy living room with a stone fireplace, tv with cable, and two deep leather couches. One of the nights we stayed here was spent vegging on these very couches, enjoying Love Connection on tv. Ahhh, quality mother/daughter trash tv time.

White Oak Lodge Resort cabin living room

You might have noticed that the photo above was taken from above. That’s because there’s a second floor and loft in these cabins! Taking the stairs up reveals a loft area with a full-sized pool table, and a verrrrry spacious master bedroom.

White Oak Lodge Resort cabin loft

I wish we had had time to play a game of pool! Mom has never played, but I think I could teach her.

It was hard to capture the grandeur of the master bedroom in photos. This bed was way bigger than the photo makes it look — it positively dwarfed us!

At the foot of the bed was a bathtub with jets. Very romantic, if you’re into the whole romantic scene. *grumble* You and your significant others and special someones to share nice things with. *grumble*

White Oak Lodge Resort cabin master bedroom

Back downstairs beyond the kitchen, there’s another bedroom which is where I camped out, as well as a large bathroom with a washer and dryer. Ahhh I love being able to do laundry on vacation. Surprisingly (and sadly) though, knowing I can do laundry while I’m gone never seems to keep me from overpacking.

White Oak Lodge Resort cabin bedroom

And the pièce de résistance: a covered back patio with hot tub, opening up to this lush view of the neighborhood.

White Oak Lodge Resort cabins

We felt really spoiled staying at White Oak Lodge & Resort, and if you stay there, you will too. It’s extremely convenient to Gatlinburg (just a straight shot down one highway) and Pigeon Forge (just add a right turn and you’re almost there). After a busy day, it’s really nice to be able to drive away from the hustle and bustle at night and make your way back to this peaceful retreat.

If you need a little more space, there are also three bedroom cabins on the property. And if you’re staying for longer than we did, you’ll be able to take advantage of the resort’s pool and gym! I would have done so myself, but with our packed itinerary, all I could manage to do in the evenings was veg out. Not that I’m complaining.

Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing the other fun stuff we did in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in upcoming posts. 🙂

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