A very brief Battlefield 5 teaser hints at World War II setting

The official Battlefield Twitter account has released an all-too-brief teaser for the impending reveal of Battlefield 5, and it appears we may be looking at a World War II setting.

While brief, there’s a few things you can dissect from the 20-second teaser, which features an unmistakable rumble of gunshots in the background as a fellow soldier looms over you asking you to keep it zipped. 

You can also spy what appears to be HUD-like info at the top of the screen, showing two forces battling in a Conquest match, with the text ‘squad spawn on you +20’ barely visible.

Finally, it’s possible to just about make out a Union Flag and Balkenkreuz, the latter of which was the symbol of the German armed forces during the Second World War.

Regardless, we won’t have to wait long to find out more. Battlefield 5 will be officially revealed on May 23. One thing’s for sure, we know it’s getting a single-player campaign.

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