Acool Toys 5 in 1 Wooden Cube Activity Center with Rotating Musical Bead Maze for Baby’s & Toddlers

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Bead maze toy

Put the bead maze on top of the activity cube, assemble and screw it.
Then kids can move the bead to develop their eye-hand coordination.

Rotating music box

After assemble and screw it, kids can rotate the bead maze. 
And then the light music will be on. Really light and sweet sounds.

15 pieces wooden card

There are one side has 15 wooden spinning pieces in the activity cube. 
These spinning pieces are painted with pictures, words and letters. Kids can learn these knowledge while playing.

Turning gears

The other side of the box has 4 rotating gears. 
Kids can rotate the one of them, the others will be rotating naturally.

The moving maze

On the next of the box, it has a small moving maze. 
Kids can put the colorful bead to go their ways.

Drop game

The final side of the toy has a drop game. 
Kids can put the wooden bead on the top and release it, then it will roll down naturally.Dimensions: 22.5 × 22.5 × 40 cm. Eco-friendly painted wooden cube for children to play safely.
5 in 1 multi-functional activity cube toy, solid wooden material ensure a long time performance.
Bead maze with rotating music box, kids can enjoy the soft and sweet melody by twisting it gently.
Double sided spinning pieces with alphabet and fruits as well as animals, develop kids basic recognition in an early age.
For age 1 year and up.


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