AEW Double Or Nothing Results And Review: All Elite Wrestling’s First Show A Smashing Success

Jericho wins by pin at 26:32

Mat: Chris Jericho is the only wrestler I’ve made a sign for at a live event, ever. Back in the WCW days, I had one referring to conspiracies. As a teenager and young adult, he’s the first wrestler I really gravitated towards and saw as the “total package”–sorry, Lex Luger. Jericho’s antics were in full effect, early on. He beat up a Cracker Barrel barrel, rang the bell himself during the match, and filmed Omega writhing on the ground.

I just want to point out that while this match is fantastic, there has been some really sloppy officiating here–and throughout a bunch of matches tonight. The counts aren’t at the same rhythm, and things feel off during pinfalls.

Anyway, I loved the match. It wasn’t as great as their Wrestle Kingdom battle, but that’s fine. Jericho’s “Judas Effect” finisher is hot garbage compared to all his previous finishers in his arsenal, and that’s really my only real problem with the match. The finish just feels weak, and the Judas Effect finisher doesn’t have the same impact as the Code Breaker, etc. Regardless, this was a classic, and a great match to close out AEW’s PPV.

I had a good feeling Jon Moxley was going to show up tonight, and I’m glad it was saved for the very end, where he came to the ring and beat everyone up. I’m actually really excited for an Omega/Moxley match now. That’s something I thought I’d never say, as who would have thought Dean Ambrose would have left WWE?

Rating: 8.5

Original Prediction: Jericho

Predictions: 3/9 (33%)

Chris: I was looking forward to this more than anything else, and it delivered more than I possibly could have asked. So much so that I didn’t keep detailed notes. That said, I love a good V Trigger, and they were used expertly here. Meanwhile, Jericho’s old finishing moves not working out–Codebreaker, Lionsault–were a nice touch leading into his new Judas Effect elbow thing (which I’m not a fan of). Like Mat, the only real nitpick I have here is the officiating. It’s not to the quality we’ve seen elsewhere on the card. Chris Jericho won with that new elbow of his and will face Hangman for the AEW Championship. That should be fantastic, but it won’t top this.

Holy cow, though. The end of the show including the arrival of John Moxley adds the perfect special moment to end Double or Nothing. I badly want to see Moxley vs. Omega.

Rating: 9/10

Original Prediction: Chris Jericho

Predictions: 4/9 (44%)

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