Affluent Ohio Mom Caught Stealing Packages From Neighbor’s Porches

Affluent Ohio mom Melissa Bergman was arrested and sentenced to 30 days in jail after going on a package-stealing blitz in her neighborhood of Mason, Ohio.

Back in 2017, Melissa and her two small children drove through the neighborhood for several hours, lifting random packages from her neighbors, and she was caught red-handed on several of the houses’ security cameras. According to a police report, she lifted clothing, headphones, an inflatable mattress, and even a tiara for a neighbor’s upcoming wedding.

“[She had] numerous unopened packages in the passenger seat,” according to a police report. “She admitted she had stolen all of them over the last several hours.”

Melissa was eventually charged with 12 counts of theft but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. The 30-year-old mom and Army vet claimed she was struggling with PTSD after her time in Afghanistan. Bergman recently completed her 30-day jail stint and wrote an apology to her victims on Facebook.

“I am extremely sorry for all the hurt, anger and fear I have caused,” she wrote. “If anyone wants me to apologize in person I would be more than happy to do so.”

One of her neighbors — whose fiancée lost her wedding tiara in the blitz — thinks that Bergman acted out because she was bored.

As for her true motives, Melissa told Inside Edition, “I’m not supposed to talk about it at all.”

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