All Chronicle Vol. 3 Art


Chronicle Volume 3 was recently released and alongside the great lore expansions and additions we also got a big batch of art to go with it. Covering a lot of key moments in WoW history, the art itself adds so much to the lore and atmosphere of the game. so it’s lucky that redditor Tiucaner decided to gather up all of that art and share it with the rest of us to enjoy, so, well, enjoy! You can check out the full gallery right here and some highlights below.

mtv6DbW.jpg   cbrEkSS.jpg


krJbvEL.jpg   nWJqr5u.jpg

3JJV6RM.jpg   F0HijBt.jpg

The art looks even better irl and if you want get the book itself you can check out these Amazon links.

Source: r/wow.

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