Alliance Controls Arathi Highlands & Horde Contribution Phase


Alliance players now control Arathi and can kill Doom’s Howl and complete Arathi quests again. Horde players need to gather enough resources to attack Stromgarde in the ongoing contribution phase.

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Alliance in Control of Arathi Highlands

Doom’s Howl (A)

The Warfront boss can be killed once per cycle and drops ilvl 370 gear, so don’t forget to bring a Seal of Wartorn Fate for bonus rolls.

Doom’s Howl was created from stolen Alliance engineering plans. Used to transport hordes of troops into the worst combat conditions, this gigantic vehicle can also transform into a powerful siege platform capable of decimating enemy fortifications.



Doom’s Howl is a mobile war vehicle that switches in and out of a siege mode. While sieged the Demolisher CannonDemolisher Cannon must be avoided while dealing with the War Machine’s soldiers.

fHrA7Z2.png Damage Dealers


  • Stay spread so less allies are affected by splash damage dealt from Mortar ShotMortar Shot.

iJc8x9S.png Tanks

  • Interrupt Battle Field RepairBattle Field Repair to stop the Doom’s Howl from being healed.
  • Tank Doom’s Howl Shieldbearer away from Doom’s Howl Engineer, to allow them to be interupted.

Loot Table

Arathi Quests

The following quests can be completed for reputation with 7th Legion and War Resources. They reset once per cycle.

Horde Contribution Quests

Horde players can now contribute various items, gold, and War Resources to launch the attack on Stromgarde. The following quests are up in North America:

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