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Why your Travel Activity Lap Tray is Ambabe Tray?

When you are searching a travel tray for children activity or toddler car activities, naturally that you don`t plan to purchase car seat tray from several sellers. You would like to choose travel organizer tray exactly good one from the beggining. That`s why Ambabe travel organizer tray is perfect for kids activity.

That one, where the manufacturer relalise all what customer want and took into account all advises and knowledge.

That`s why, Ambabe Lap Desk for car seat is:

  • Quality baby activity tray with 90 Days guarantee from Amazon and extra 365 Days guarantee from Ambabe
  • Portable organizer, that you can use in car, stroller or plane – snack tray – perfect as lap tray table and kids activity tray
  • Comparible with the most carseats, z seats and is a great car organizer tray
  • Can be used by big kids and small ones as over the seat car organizer or lap trays for kids
  • Same time kids play tray be used with a seat saver waterproof liner or backseat saver
  • Travel stroller tray comparible with different strollers and well known as a great umbrella stroller tray
  • Some of our clients think it is perfect stroller organizer tray and preschool activity tray
  • Be a comfortable and portable activity desk for your kids in car and play tray at backseat
  • This is a solution how to do an interesting activities in airplane with this Ambabe airplane travel tray

And ofcourse our Tray have advantages, that MOST of others don`t do: 

  • Waterproof material
  • Universal place for a bottle
  • Longer than others – 1.5 inch edge
  • Openable back side

CAR SEAT TRAY – 100% ORIGINAL Ambabe Kids Car Seat Travel Tray Organizer – Compatible with the most car seats and strollers for infants;
ACTIVITY TRAY – any car activities for kids – store and organize – all children toys, puzzles, bottles, pencils and markers that usually lying around in the car – but, not now with Amazing Ambabe travel organizer lap tray!
90 days GUARANTEE from AMAZON and EXTRA 360 days satisfaction GUARANTEE from AMBABE!
STROLLER TRAY – Perfect as small umbrella stroller tray and toddler stroller tray organizer. WATERPROOF material, UNIVERSAL place for a bottle, LONGER and STURDIER than others – 1.5 inch edges, OPENABLE back side and many other advantages with our lap tray table!
OCCUPY YOUR KIDS – whit this baby activity tray they could eat any snacks there, play games and do any activity – because Ambabe kids activity tray is fully portable. These lap trays for kids can be used perfectly with high chairs, conventional kid’s chairs, or even air travel in plane.


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