Amy Schumer Opens Up About Pregnancy And Birth In Heartfelt Post

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Amy Schumer just gave birth, in case you missed it in all the new baby frenzy (royal baby, Kim Kardashian, etc.).

Amy welcomed her first baby, Gene, with husband Chris Fischer on May 5.

With Amy being the exceptionally candid person that she is, we can expect a lot of very frank discussions of first-time motherhood from her. On Mother’s Day, for example, she posted a photo of herself sitting on the toilet in the hospital.

But she can also be really heartfelt, and her recent “post baby annoying post” is a great example. The post shows her cuddling her new baby, and the caption is full of gratitude.

“Women are the s***,” Amy wrote in the post. “Men are cool and whatever but women are f***ing warriors and capable of anything.”

She went on to sincerely thank her doula, medical team, friends, and fellow women. Oh, and the anti-nausea products that helped her throughout her notoriously bad hyperemesis.

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