Angry Mom Says Disney World Should Ban All ‘Childless Women’

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Back in September 2018, an angry mother took out her frustrations on Facebook after bringing her 3-year-old son to Disney World.

The source of her fuming anger? “Childless millennials” who visit the park to have fun and be happy, just like everybody else.

After the post was rediscovered recently, a screenshot was shared on Reddit with the woman’s name blacked out to protect her identity.

Her rant, which is filled with profanity and nasty insults, has since gone viral and is causing quite the stir.

It all started when the woman spotted an adult female at the park (wearing shorts she deemed too short, might I add) enjoying her delicious Mickey Mouse pretzel.

The mom said her son wanted a Mickey pretzel, too, but the lines were too long. She told him his pretzel would have to wait, which “broke his poor little heart.”

In turn, the mother resented the so-called “childless millennial” who was able to eat her snack before her son did. She was so ticked off that she developed a theory: All childless people of childbearing age should be banned from entering “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Let’s just say not everyone agrees with her sentiment …

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