Another Parent Writes Boy A Letter But School Won’t Let Mom See It

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A Missouri mom named Brandi was surprised to receive a phone call from her 6-year-old son’s kindergarten teacher.

The teacher called Brandi to let her know that another parent wrote a letter to her son. It was in regard to an incident that happened at school between him and the letter-writer’s daughter, and it called the boy’s behavior into question. It’s unclear what that incident entailed.

The teacher told Brandi she’d already read the letter to her son, but Brandi wanted to see it with her own two eyes.

The school swiftly responded to Brandi’s inquiry — with a hard no.

Administrators said showing Brandi the letter would break confidentiality and privacy protocol: “[W]e told the concerned parent about the sentence that referenced her child,” the school said in an official statement, according to KTVI Fox 2. “This parent is requesting a copy of the letter, and we cannot provide that due to privacy laws. Administrators have met with the concerned parent, as well as emailed her, called and requested follow-up meetings with her. We thought this matter had been resolved.”

Brandi believes the whole thing is “ridiculous” and that it’s her right as a parent to see the letter in question.

Footage provided by KTVI St. Louis

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