Another Sexist School Dress Code Video Has Parents On Edge

A school dress code video shown to Coal Township, Pennsylvania, students is being called sexist by concerned parents. The video is about the tightness of students’ pants, which typically applies more to girls than it does boys. The video also featured only female students, sending the gendered message home.

“I thought it was sexist, to tell you the truth. I don’t think it is fair for the boys and the girls,” said local parent Robin Dorkoski to WNEP. “They should both be able to wear what they can.”

School officials told local news that they created the video due to an increase in dress code violations.

This is far from the first time a school dress code has come under fire for targeting only girls. In August, a Texas school showed its kids a video about female students wearing athletic shorts. Again, only girls appeared in the video — the boys’ use of athletic shorts was not discussed.

In this latest incident, parents are also annoyed that the video came out after they had already gone clothes shopping for the new school year.

“We already did all of our shopping, and so why would they go around and do this?” asked Jose Valentin. “It’s not fair, especially for low-income people.”

The school has offered to provide clothing for students, but the question remains: Why do schools keep targeting girls with dress code shenanigans?

“These kids need to be able to express themselves,” said parent Nikysha Gulba.

Footage provided by WNEP Scranton

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