Antorus, The Burning Throne Lore Dialogue and Forbidden Descent Zone Preview

Antorus, the Burning Throne raid testing continues with some of the richest lore bosses in the zone. We’ve previewed the latest area open for testing, Forbidden Descent and part of Seat of the Pantheon, as well as dialogue leading up to these eventful boss encounters. Last week, we previewed the earlier part of the raid zone.

As this is a 7.3 preview, there will be spoilers in the dialogue.

The bosses open for testing on Thursday were Varimathras, The Coven of Shivarra, and Aggramar. Learn about all of their abilities in the 7.3 dungeon journal.

This dialogue addresses the crux of the conflict in Patch 7.3–Sargeras has captured the titan spirits, and through questing and listening to Magni’s warnings, you’ve learned of his plan. He’s raised Aggramar, his closest friend prior to his exile from the Pantheon, to collect the other titans to create a Dark Pantheon.

Another notable part of the dialogue addresses the boss Varimathras. Wrath-era players remember him vividly as the leader for the deadly ambush at Angrathar the Wrathgate as well as subsequent coup of the Undercity, resolved in The Battle For The Undercity.

Prior to engaging him in combat, Varimathras taunts players, with special versions for Alliance and Horde. Speculation is that this dialogue addresses Jaina and Sylvanas and perhaps a troubled future in the next expansion.

If you would like to see how all the Patch 7.3 lore fits together, please check out this article in which we fuse together Nobbel87’s analysis of important lore topics with our datamining and PTR previews of the upcoming patch. We also have a series of playthroughs and cinematics covering the 7.3 PTR quests.

Illidan Stormrage: The Heart of Antorus lies before us. The power behind the Legion’s infinite army.
Magni Bronzebeard: So much agony here…so many voices. It’s…it’s nearly overwhelmin’ ! But I can feel Eonar urgin’ us forward.
Prophet Velen: At long last, the end is upon us. Press on, my friends.

Varimathras: Aaaarggh! Witches! You call that torment? I have endured far worse!
Noura: I tire of that worm’s babbling! Let me scorch the flesh from his miserable bones!
Asara: Ignore him, sister! Focus on your duty. These souls are nearly ready to join Aggramar in the master’s service.
Magni Bronzebeard: I feel those demons twistin’ the spirits o’ the titans! Forcin’ ’em ta use their might ta serve the Legion!
Illidan Stormrage: Should they fall to darkness, Sargeras will have the power he needs to claim the final titan.
Magni Bronzebeard: Azeroth!

Varimathras: So, your Alliance still endures. Longer than I expected, though she has already planted the seeds of its downfall. She is patient, that one.
Varimathras: When your thrones run red with betrayal… when your holy places burn and the shattered mask hangs above your hearth… only then you will know. And it will be too late.
Varimathras: It matters not. You are blind to the true darkness closing in around you.

Varimathras: So, she found me at last. Sent her underlings to finish the job.
Varimathras: Tell me, when she seized your throne of hides and bones, was your allegiance forced? No… I’d wager you surrendered it willingly… or were convinced you did.
Varimathras: It matters not. You are blind to the darkness in your midst.

Prophet Velen: This may be the one place in the universe sacred to the Legion. Demons would pluck out their eyes sooner than gaze upon it.
Illidan Stormrage: Who could ever imagine such a sacrifice?
Aggramar: Mortals. I wasted millennia fighting to spare you from corruption. Until at last my eyes were opened to the truth.
Aggramar: You are the corruption. We will save the universe by wiping all memory of you from existence.
Aggramar: Soon comes the awakening of my brother, Argus. Together, our new Pantheon will join the master in breaking your fetid world. But you will not live to see it.
Illidan Stormrage: I have heard all the prattling I can bear. Let us show this lackey of Sargeras that he has no claim to our world.

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