Antorus Wastes Zone Preview and Argus Questline Part 4

The third zone of Argus, the Antoran Wastes, is now open for testing. You can watch our preview of the zone and in the 4th part of the Argus questline, we complete the few quests that are available in the zone.

As this is a PTR post, general spoiler warning that it will reveal upcoming parts of the storyline.

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Antoran Wastes Zone Preview

Argus Questline – Part 4

We ended Part 3 of the Argus questline once we picked up the dungeon quest, Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge. The dungeon is now available for testing in Tuesday’s PTR build and so the questline can continue.

Completing the Crown of the Triumverate – 0:20

Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge – Turning this quest will trigger an in-game cinematic (not yet implemented) that turns the Vindicaar gold! Turning in this quest will also unlock Western Mac’aree World Quests.

Eonar, the Life-Binder – 1:05

The Speaker Listens – Magni has another vision for you to see.
Visions of Fear – You place your hand on the stone to see another cutscene, which isn’t implemented yet. Based on the next quest, it appears to involve Eonar.
Fate of the Life-Binder – Report back to the Vindicaar.

The Speaker Seeks – Magni has yet another vision that he wishes to share.
Visions of Another – This vision involves Eonar yet again, but is also not implemented.

Eonar is currently listed as the 4th raid boss encounter in the upcoming raid. For more information, check out our Eonar analysis of the Dialogue pieces listed below.

Eonar Dialogue

Magni Bronzebeard: The Life-Binder! Somehow, she’s the key to Sargeras’s plan.
Magni Bronzebeard: We must find her soul. I just don’t know how.
Magni Bronzebeard: This soul fragment calls ta me again, but somethin’s different this time. It ain’t Argus speakin’. It’s… another.

High Exarch Turalyon: Our forces are prepared to assault the Burning Throne, but we cannot move until we find Eonar’s spirit.
High Exarch Turalyon: So be it. We will do all we can to ensure Eonar does not fall like the others.
High Exarch Turalyon: I only hope we are not too late.

Eonar Raid Dialogue

Magni Bronzebeard: It’s Eonar, the Life-Binder! This portal leads ta her sanctuary. Go. I’ll stay here and cover yer backs!

The Paraxis warps in. Prepare to defend Eonar!

Essence of Eonar: Welcome, mortals, to my sanctuary.
Essence of Eonar: Champions, hear me. The Legion has breached my sanctuary, and my defenses will soon be overrun. Stand with me now, lest Sargeras claim his prize.
Essence of Eonar: For countless ages my spirit has lingered here, safe from the Dark Titan’s grasp. But he has found me at last, and comes to claim my power.
Essence of Eonar: The tormented cries of the Pantheon ring out from deep within the core of Argus.
Essence of Eonar: Release them, champions, or your struggle will be for naught.
Essence of Eonar: I implore you, stand with me. Together we can drive back this onslaught and deprive Sargeras of victory.
Essence of Eonar: Time grows short. The enemy closes in. Approach me and stand ready, my children. The final battle is at hand.

Essence of Eonar: If Sargeras breaks them as he did Aggramar, no power in this universe will stop him.
Essence of Eonar: My resistance wanes. Should Sargeras prevail, all life will fall to darkness.

Essence of Eonar: I remember the awakening… how life sprang forth all around us.
Essence of Eonar: I remember unity… until it was shattered by betrayal.
Essence of Eonar: I remember fleeing… to keep him from his prize.
Essence of Eonar: The time for hiding is over. Aid me… or everything ends.

Antoran Wastes – 4:30

This is part of a different chain that takes place on a different section of Argus. It seems relatively incomplete since the only current quests are to unlock beacons in the zone.

The Burning Heart – Move the Vindicaar to the Antoran Wastes
Securing a Foothold – Drop pod down to the surface and place the Lightforged Beacon: Antoran Wastes.
Reinforce Light’s Bastion – Unlock another beacon, Lightforged Beacon: North and turning it in rewards some of the new currency, Unsullied Argunite.
Sizing Up The Opposition – Return to Turalyon.
Reinforce Light’s Purchase – Reinforce and unlock a third beacon, Lightforged Beacon: South

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