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We celebrated Asher turning 3 with a PJ Masks party!
He is obsessed with Gekko and it was so fun seeing his excitement over his special day!
We had a treat for each character and a fun twinkly night sky backdrop!
Today I’m sharing with you guys all the details, photos and a video of the fun!
I love getting creative with parties and whether you are having a PJ Masks party or looking
for ideas to work into any party theme, you are going to find some helpful tips in this post!
From using a bath toy for your cake topper to inspiration for an easy interactive backdrop…I’m here to help!

Asher's PJ Masks Birthday Party

I knew that the Dessert table was going to need to be on our kitchen table and
I really wanted to have a solid surface behind it to decorate. So we built one!
I went to Lowe’s and grabbed two of the pre-painted chalk board boards.
You could definitely just get one piece of wood and paint it black…
but I was on the speed plan with this project!
I bought a 2×4 and Ben cut it up and made some L brackets to hold the
table upright and have it stand a lone on the table.
Once that was done it was time to drill some holes and add the twinkle lights!
That part was really fun the kids were giggling and I enjoyed using a power tool. haha.
I had this idea to make the night sky come to life for the kids and it was a HIT.
The lights are just popped in the holes and taped with blue
painting tape on the backside. Super easy!
When I finished, they all counted down and Sophia plugged them in!
Everyone cheered!

The moon was made out of a foam circle shape from Walmart.
I covered it with floral foam spackle stuff that you get right next to the floral foam!
Sorry can’t remember the official name.
It made it a smooth and paintable surface.
I used black and white craft paint I already had to make the moon really pop!
The foam is super light weight so I just hot glued it onto the board.
For the town, I just got a $5 pack of foam craft rectangles. (Michael’s and Walmart have them!)
I roughly cut out some house shapes and made them 3d by adding windows, doors,
window boxes and roof details to each one. I chose the colors of the PJ Masks to tie it all together.
They are all just hot glued on. I pictured my kids looking at them and choosing which
house was theirs and where Gekko lives etc. etc.. and they did!!
They totally did. Which made me so happy.
I love creating party details that bring out the fun and spark their imaginations.
I knew I wanted to add pops of green above the table so I just blew up some balloons.
(Some I had and then I had bought another pack at Target!)
I just taped them to the wall in an arch shape.
But before adding the balloons I covered the window with streamers.
Super easy and everyone on Instagram kept asking for a balloon arch tutorial but guys…
I just taped them up! It’s so easy! I did it all the night before and it held up great. They last for days!
I had a number 3 Balloon that we blew up with a helium tank the morning of the party.
I also blew up some of the green balloons to float around the ceiling.
The helium tank ran out almost immediately so I’m glad I didn’t count on it for much else!
The characters in the middle are just wall decals that I got on clearance at Walmart.
I put them on white cardstock paper and cut them out so they would
really pop on the night sky! They are just taped on!
I love how the dessert table turned out and Asher was obsessed with all the PJ Masks details!

Sometimes a theme can be a little tricky to bring to life but if
you focus in on a few key details it will all come together!
For this party, I decided to do a treat for each character in the show…
and then extra green touches for Gekko!
You could go as homemade or store-bought as you want with this theme.
There’s plenty of candy and treats that are in these colors!
(I get asked a lot about the cake stands. most are from Target Bargain bins,
or my Pottery Barn wedding registry. 😉
I LOVE white dishes and always have my eye out for a good deal!
I use them for EVERY party to help keep things neutral and bright!)

We had gotten a set of PJ Masks characters off Amazon for Asher’s birthday present and we
used them on the table next to the customized treat labels.
The treat labels came in a PJ Masks Party Welcoming Kit
that also had a door poster (we put outside our house) and name tags. (we didn’t use the name tags.)
We also had Asher’s other birthday present on the table – Just Play PJ Masks Turbo Blast Vehicles-Gekko
For Cat Boy’s Candies I set up The Cookies in Creme (Blue wrapped) Hershey Kisses
and some Blue M&M’s. For Owlette’s Owls I made owl cupcakes using Oreos and M&M’s.
I made one batch of cupcakes and colored part of the icing red for these.
I also had the kiddos sort out the red fruit loops for  another O’ detail!
For Luna Girl we had moon rocks! I got a bag of Kettle corn popcorn, melted
white chocolate on it and sprinkled them with silver glitter sprinkles.
It ended up not looking grey enough, so my sister in law saved
the day and ran to Michael’s to grab the awesome edible spray paint!
I had them portioned up in the silver containers (from Walmart or Michael’s) and
we just sprayed them and they popped! LOVE how they turned out.
For Romeo we had store-bought Rice Krispies, cut in half, and dipped in melted green chocolate.
I used black and white paper straws cut in half as the handles and
for that black/white Romeo touch. It was his experimental goo and a kid favorite!
We didn’t have a Night Ninja character but we still had a little something for him on the table!
I saw these orange iced cookies at Walmart and they made me think of his sticky splat!
I just used a knife to dust off the fall colored sprinkles and
smoothed them over a bit. Done and done!

I had Mint Oreos and Green dum dums for pops of green on the table.
I made cupcakes and topped them with DIY toppers.
I had bought a pack of PJ Masks stickers from Target and
stuck them on white cardstock circles I cut out with my craft punch.
Then Sophia helped by taping the circles to paper straws we cut in half.
My kids don’t really like the taste of paper straws for drinking…
so we use them for topers and treat handles.
For a Gekko detail we had store-bought ricekrispies that
I cut in half and sprinkled with green sprinkles…
and I used paper straws to add another pop of green as the handle!
My kids love eating things on a stick! haha.
Asher loves marshmallows… So I used green containers from
Target to hold “mini moons.” (mini marshmallows)
I designed  a little happy birthday Asher treat bag tag
in photoshop and printed them on cardstock paper.
I filled snack size ziplock bags with some treats and stapled the favor tags to them.
TOTALLY forgot to give them to most of the kids but the cousins got them!

The cake was a fun detail to work up! I knew I could not make a cake this time..
I have a million kids. it’s just not happening. lol.
So I bought this one at Walmart and while ti was still chilled from the fridge, I
used a knife to remove the rainbow sprinkles that were originally on it.
I smoothed it over a bit and then had fun adding my own Gekko themed details!

The Gekko topper is actually a bath toy!

The 3 candle is from Walmart. I grabbed some green candies because my kids always
think it’s fun to have a cake topped with more sugar. Let’s get crazy! haha.
I used one of the paper straws and strung up some of the rainbow
candy to add a tall candy element to the cake.
My kids go gaga over those things. We had sour dummies
and mint  M&M’s and regular M&M’s on the cake.
I just kind of winged it and it all turned out cute!

The party was a blast and it made my heart happy
seeing Asher just loving every minute. This was the first party we hosted in our new place
here in the Charlotte, NC area and it always feels more like home when you have company over!

We had these cute PJ Masks sunglasses sent to us from Sun-Staches
and they were so fun! They have sizes for kids
and adults and everyone was cracking up.
Sun-Staches has theses for SO MANY fun themes so
you need to check them out. All the characters!

The huge PJ Masks Photo Booth backdrop I found on Amazon!
This thing was MASSIVE and it came with
the funny face props and tattoos!
It was so big I didn’t use it all but if you had space, you could
break it up and use it to decorate more of your space.
(There’s the top Happy Birthday part!)

Here is exactly what I got on Amazon:
Another Dream PJ Masks Birthday Party Favors Games with Scene Setter,
Photo Prop Sticks, Masks, Tattoos and Exclusive Birthday Pin!

Thank you to our friends and family who came to party with us.
You made Asher’s day! Happy Birthday sweet Asher.
We love you and your super Gekko muscles.

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