At MarTech conference, tech evangelist Robert Scoble envisions how AR and VR will transform marketing

Robert Scoble wearing glasses that are displaying 360-degree video from the camera he’s holding

Fasten your seatbelts.

Those weren’t the exact words used by tech evangelist and author Robert Scoble in a keynote address on Wednesday, the last day of our MarTech Conference in Boston. But that was the basic idea, as he touted the transformation that augmented and virtualized reality will have on marketing and advertising.

He predicted that, within three to five years, consumers, business buyers and marketers will commonly call up augmented reality (overlays on real scenes through smartphones and glasses) and immersive virtual environments (using goggles and glasses). The effect on marketing, he envisions, will be nothing less than profound.

For one thing, he said, AR and VR represent the fourth major wave of user interfaces. The first was command line, followed by graphical user interface and touch. And the fifth wave? Scoble envisions brain interfaces, already in development.

The purpose of the widespread use of AR and VR, he said, will be to apply “new meaning to the world,” redefining both the world and the products in it.

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