Avoid Streamers in WoW Classic – News

Today, we’re looking at AtlasLootClassic, an addon which will be useful for browsing loot tables in WoW Classic.

In Vanilla WoW, there was no Dungeon Journal, so players relied on addons to quickly browse loot tables of all dungeon and raid bosses.

AtlasLootClassic will be available for Classic when it’s out and you will be able to install it straight through the Twitch app, just make sure the addon’s enabled when logging into the game. Typing /al in the chat will open up AtlasLoot, where you can sort loot tables by dungeon, raid, and boss.

AtlasLootClassic Boss View

AtlastLootClassic Set View

There will be a final global stress test soon and if you’re looking for a sleek elegant UI for Classic, don’t forget to check out TukUI!

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