Azeroth Round Table BlizzCon Interview with Jeremy Feasel and Paul Watkins on Island Expeditions

Comment by Vaellir

on 2018-11-07T12:25:50-06:00

I’d love if some islands had certain story, rather than being just pure randomness, so they’d be somehow similar to scenarios from MoP.

Comment by Smiteypantz

on 2018-11-07T12:26:11-06:00

All island pets cagable!

Comment by Drorith

on 2018-11-07T12:28:47-06:00

Awesome! ;D

Comment by Soeroah

on 2018-11-07T12:29:54-06:00

“Blizzard wants to encourage players to win and is thinking about ways for players to target rewards on islands.”r
Yeeeeeeesssssss, finally

Comment by Wishblade

on 2018-11-07T12:31:57-06:00

More story bits to islands would be awesome, and cool if it didn’t always involve killing everything in sight and instead you could hunt for treasure and only fight the other faction for it.

Comment by Aeliel

on 2018-11-07T12:35:07-06:00

The Islands reward system is a little too obfuscated.r
No, really? You don’t say.r
Ideally, you should be cool winning and want to focus on that, instead of playing a different way for rewards. r
And… it… didn’t occur to them when they were designing this in the first place? When the fact that there were a gazillion rewards was one of the selling points of islands?r
I mean, of course when people win island after island with no rewards they then go looking for ways to solve the issue. (Because it is an issue: “you get AP!” is not a reward.)r
They could’ve fixed this before it ever became a problem by putting in a reward vendor straight at the beginning… and making the currency used to purchase stuff off it be more plentifully rewarded when winning an island. There you go, now people care about winning, rather than just killing specific mobs because whether you get rewards or not is not affected by winning.r
Wouldn’t it be cool if some Islands had no enemies, and the goals were exploration-based?r
…yes? This was a selling point of islands to begin with – “look at all these cool islands to explore!”. But the enemy team plays counter to that, because you can’t just explore, or you’ll lose. (Which, honestly, I don’t care about, since the rewards very clearly aren’t affected by winning – but they say they want people to want to win…)

Comment by Chilela

on 2018-11-07T12:40:31-06:00

All Island Battle Pets can be caged and traded in Patch 8.1.r
Thank you. It was ridiculous that only some could be caged and traded.r
Honestly would be neat if each individual island had a handful of layouts, such as Molten Cay having 3 different maps, rather than just the things on the island being semi-randomized.

Comment by Karneg

on 2018-11-07T12:43:26-06:00

Being able to target specific rewards is a great change. Finally…r
I still have no mounts from expeditions, so I’m looking forward to this.

Comment by omedon666

on 2018-11-07T12:44:30-06:00

Honestly my biggest complaints with islands are

a) The tug of war between “get it done, win and get out” and “but I want this mount/pet/transmog”

and b) As happy as I am that these are viable leveling content… as a non-source of gear they’re really not ideal until heirlooms. Your gear remains static, but the scaling marches on.

Fix these and islands are appealing again beyond the rep grind!

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