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Are you sick and tired of reading all of those success stories online?

Do you sometimes find yourself infinitely scrolling your mouse and rolling your eyes at all of those “I made money with Amazon without lifting a finger” stories.

I know, they are kind of annoying, especially when they don’t even tell you “How?”

Is it because they are all super-gifted programmers that just pop a couple of apps and *POOF* they are billionaires, OR, is it because they are sneaky, crafty and yet again, extremely smart, and so they’ve found a way to scam others online into giving them money, yet offering nothing in return?

Now, I’m going to answer this question with a big, fat “NO!”

Let me tell you something…

Let’s give a silent clap to those guys, ethics or no ethics, but this is not what I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you that MOST of those success stories come from people like YOU and ME.
I know, who would’ve known, right?

“All you need to know” sounds kind of funny, I know.

It’s like saying “All you need is a million dollars to be rich.”

However, finding the right guide to that ‘How’ is a lot easier than getting your hands on those million dollars. But the best thing about this fact is that this guide might just be the key to being a step closer to that million.

Now, I want to tell you right away where your aim should be, and I’ve mentioned it earlier – Amazon.

More and more people are making millions of dollars online through Amazon, but once again – it’s easier said than done.

People buy stuff off of Amazon every single day, but what is the actual percentage of them actually bumping into what you’re offering? Sure they may find out about it by accident, but that’s a pretty long shot waiting for that accident to happen, right?

Now, I don’t want to beat around the bush and I definitely don’t want to lie to you – becoming an Amazon ‘top dog’ as I like to call it is pretty hard, but it’s also extremely easy when you have that guide I was talking about.

I should know, I’ve spent years trying, failing, trying again and occasionally succeeding until I got the right formula…

I’ve had to learn the hard way, but nevertheless, I had learned that…

Before I tell you about the solution, I want you to know my story, because I believe it might have the power to help you.

Because it always helps knowing that someone else has been in your shoes.

Let me make a wild assumption here.

Let me assume that you are someone who has always dreamed of creating a life for themself different than the one they are living?

Let me assume you are a passionate person, passionate about success, satisfaction and self-actualization?

Let me assume that you still haven’t found a way to ‘marry’ what you think will bring you all of this and what you actually enjoy doing to your own satisfaction?

Am I assuming anything accurately, or is all of this just me?

My name is Lucas Owen and before I continue telling you my story, I want to make something clear – I am NOT some corporate shark here to tell you that you need to change everything, waste a ton of time and money on systems that don’t even work, because THAT’S how you make money…

If somebody told me this a couple of years ago, I would’ve asked point blank “Are you kidding me?”

It’s not easy changing your life, I’ll tell you that.

You get used to living it a certain way, and even though you might realize that things aren’t working out for the better, you ignore it.

You continue your routine and eventually become numb to the “pain of everyday living.”

I got trapped in this circle of constant failures.

Seriously, I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve had.

That’s one thing I can’t say – I can’t say I haven’t tried, because I really have.

I honestly can’t tell you how many options I’ve gone through, not to mention the time I’ve wasted on affiliate marketing, completely sure that maybe, just maybe, if I worked hard and long enough, I would finally be able to turn my life around.

Let me explain – nobody is happy living one life and dreaming of another.

I used to dream of a life in which I didn’t work as much as I did.

I used to dream of a life in which I had the funds to do what I want and the time to actually do it.

Now, I think those a pretty sensible dreams, right?

It’s not like I’m dreaming of owning an island in Malaysia.

Actually, I dare say that there isn’t a person out there that doesn’t dream of the famous “It’s either on or the other” duo.

Yes, I’m talking about FREE TIME and MONEY.

I always had a theory that ‘happiness’ lies in between those two aspects.

Maybe it was my desperation and the need to find a compromise between the two in order to find a remote chance of happiness OR it was my entrepreneurial personality that always dreamt big, but my whole life has been one big pursuit of happiness.

I guess that’s why I thought affiliate marketing was the key… you know, all those stories about all those people that ‘made it.’ Remember those?

I wanted to try and find a way to have a steady income, free time to enjoy it and a chance to live a happy life.

This is when my pursuit took a whole new direction, one I never expected it to take…

You see, the thing is I was always thought…

Maybe if I just worked a little harder, I’m actually going to be one of those ‘I made it’ people?

“Maybe if I just worked a little harder, I’m actually going to be one of those ‘I made it’ people?”

Let me tell you something harsh, but true…

This is NOT the mindset of a winner.

This is the mindset of a surviver.

Once I said that out-loud at one of my self-pity parties I occasionally host with myself, I realized that I was going through life barely surviving.

What the heck was I doing?

What kind of an attitude was this?

I liked to think of myself as an entrepreneurial spirit, yet I was doing absolutely NOTHING to actually become an entrepreneur that would take charge, rather than complain.

I actually got angry with myself, because I got trapped in this numbing circle long enough to stop trying, even though I lied to myself that working my butt off for someone else was a legitimate attempt.

I decided that now was the time to change the way I was approaching things.

I knew this was the only legitimate way.

And so, I started a new chase in my life, a chase after the ultimate opportunity.

I thought about my options.

I didn’t really see myself spending the next couple of years starting a company from scratch, I mean, I wanted to have MORE free time, not LESS of it.

So I started researching. I asked people around, googled a lot of “MAKE MONEY” sentences and have generally spent a lot of time online researching my options.

I stayed up all night, watching documentaries, listening to various experts, reading books and checking out courses….

And then one day, a certain documentary caught my attention.

One night, I was getting kind of tired of researching and decided to lay down and watch a course by some guy whose name got thrown around quite a lot.

Just as I was getting ready to snooze off, a man came up on my scream and started talking about Amazon.

At first I was like “What is this, Amazon… of course I know what Amazon is for…”v

But then he said something that I felt was meant for me, even thought I know probably a dozen others felt the same way.

“Are You Interested In Creating An EMPIRE?”

My eyes were open, my ears were peeled.

It was like I drank a gallon of coffee that was strong enough to keep you awake for days.

I took my computer, got out of bed, sat by my desk and watched a man tell me how I could make an empire on Amazon.

It was a whole intricate system that involved ordering certain products from China and reselling them on Amazon.

I thought the idea seemed…

You know what, I didn’t even go to bed that night. I was so hyped about this idea that I started setting up my Amazon seller’s account.

Now, I’m going to be honest here – it wasn’t a walk in the park. It wasn’t easy as 1, 2, 3 as I thought it would be. It wasn’t a piece of cake… you get the picture.

I knew that I couldn’t afford to waste a ton of time on this whole process of trial and error, so I decided to make the ultimate investment. I decided that I was going to contact the expert that had opened my eyes and pay the staggering amount of five figures for a mentorship… in hindsight I am well aware of the fact that this is a pretty big price to pay, but I’ll tell you something else – it was worth it, and I couldn’t’ve made it without having made this decision.

Now, I want to make a quick little disclaimer here – this is not something I think everyone should do, because having a mentor is not a cheap investment by any means. This was just something I needed to do because I was honestly lost at first when it came to Amazon selling.

I didn’t know what products I should concentrate on, I didn’t know what were the best import methods and let’s not even talk about my lousy negotiating techniques.

I knew this was the right way, the way I would establish my empire.

I knew this was the only way I could both have an amazing steady, passive income, yet still have the free time to enjoy it as I please.

But it wasn’t easy, so I needed someone that could help me along the way.

I realized that sometimes, that whole story of “just trying hard enough” isn’t enough and that life is short, and you don’t have time to waste on this whole trial and error process usually everyone goes for.

It took me a while honestly, and I had a lot to learn from my mentor… but I was confident that this was the way to success, which is why I never gave up.

I couldn’t believe that it was possible to make six figures from the comfort of your own home in such a short time!

I remember that exact moment I realized that I had successfully made money online.

It was a sense of… well everything?

Yes, most of all relief, because I felt like the search was over.

I felt that the chase after that next big thing that could be my ticket out of the mundane, empty life I was living, was FINALLY OVER!

While one thing ended, another one started.

I was at the point of a new beginning, and as cliche as it might sound, it was the beginning of the rest of my life.

Soon enough, I started teaching people how to make money by leveraging Amazon. My story basically spread like wildfire, because I told all of my friends about what happened, which logically lead to them wanting to try it out.

Now, you know that goes, first your friends, then your friends’ friends and then, all of a sudden you find yourself holding a mini seminar to people you don’t even know.

I didn’t mind. I knew that what i was teaching was the ultimate way to ensure you have a steady online income that will both help you build an empire AND give you a chance to live the life you want to live, rather than barely survive it.

Now, I told my story. I told you that I had to go through a pretty pricy journey of finding a Miyagi that could teach me everything I needed to know about Amazon.

At the same time, I’m here to tell you what I told all of my friends and all of the people I taught along the way – You DON’T need to go through what I did.

I’m here to offer you a cost-effective and extremely efficient way to success.

But before I do, I want to ask you a question, the same question my mentor asked me…

If you are tired of searching, tired of looking for a solution and tired of chasing the next big opportunity that MIGHT change things, but still doesn’t offer you the security and the momentum you desperately want to achieve – I want you to leverage my years of experience and my success.

You see, my years of helping others eventually made me think…

“What if someone else is just starting off right now, and I can’t get to them? What if someone else is losing their valuable, hard-earned money and their precious time, because nobody cared to create the right guide?”v

I hated that idea and I knew that I have to be the one to help.

I could relate to the struggle, to the pain and to the frustration and I hated the idea of someone else going through that, completely unnecessarily, but I also knew that not everyone could afford everything I could…

This is when I sat down and decided to make a guide for all of those in need.

The guide became a course and the course became a sensation.

Do you want something sensational in your life?

Do you want to experience a major change that will affect your finances in such a way that your life will NEVER be the same?

Are you ready for this change?

If the answer is ‘Yes,’ then I want to introduce the sensational solution and a shortcut to success…

This is a step-by-step video course that reveals exactly how to join an incredibly simple, yet also incredibly profitable online system that leverages Amazon by turning you into a seller, all from the comfort of your home!

I am going to show you how to build your very own online business empire!

The course is designed in such a way that is extremely easy to follow, but don’t be fooled – I made it extremely detailed and thorough, because I wanted to make sure it was completely unique in it’s content, as well as the fact that there is nothing else like it out there.

This means that I will show you everything you NEED to know when it comes to Amazon selling, so that you never have to feel lost and confused again.

Here’s exactly what you’ll be learning in my Azon Empire course:

Once you get into the system, you’ll understand why and how I was able to generate such a massive profit in such a short period of time!

I keep thinking about this, over and over again…

Sometimes I really think about these things and I start appreciating the importance of risk.

Looking back at my life, or better yet, the quality of my life before I started selling products over Amazon and created this whole Azon Empire product, I don’t think I would’ve ever transitioned into the place I am now if I stayed where I was… I know this might sound a little mind-boggling, but I on the other hand I’m having an actual epiphany.

Seriously, there I was, just a guy trying to make it, trying out a billion different things and literally nothing worked. Ever.

And trust me, I am not a lazy person, so I honestly can’t stay that I didn’t ‘make it’ because I was lazy. No, there just literally wasn’t an opportunity for me to achieve that financial success that I had been dreaming about.

If you think about it, and I hope you’ll put your finger on it now once I say it – is there really an opportunity to achieve an amazing financial success if you’re working for someone else?

Yes, you might feel like your hard work is paying off because the boss gave you a high-five or maybe even a 10% raise, but is that enough?

What is all of that hard work doing for YOU?

Sure your boss is stuffing money down his pockets like crazy, but what about you?

That was a brief moment, however.

But hey, it was a moment.

It’s not every day that you have people calling you on the phone and telling you…

“Lucas, man, I did everything you told me and my bank account is raving!”

It takes a lot of character to stay humble and grounded when people tell you that their course had helped them generate a six figure income.

It’s even more difficult once you learn that others have been charging a couple of grand for LESS information.

So yes, I had my moments where I thought that I should jam up the price to an equal amount as all of those other experts have been selling their “courses” for.

But then, a thought popped into my head…

“Did I have a couple of grand to spend on this stuff when I was just starting out?”

Logically, since I went into this whole thing with the mindset of wanting to make ANY money, not make more than I have, the answer was ‘No.’

Actually, if I remember it correctly, I used to skip all of the courses that were more expensive and continued on to the affordable ones.

Yes, I think that pretty much answered my question of whether or not it was a good idea to charge a couple of grand for my course.

But let me be clear here for a moment – this does NOT mean I don’t value my course accordingly.

This is exactly why I won’t ever charge for my course what it’s actually worth.

I don’t want the success of others to get into my head, just because I helped them.

I don’t want to be that guy.

I want to be the guy that’s proud of the people that found success, rather than proud of himself for helping them.

I’m inviting you to use my Azon Empire as much as you want in the next 60 days. And if for whatever reason you’re literally not blown away by the information you’ll find in my course, I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

Literally, whatever reason you might have, I believe you. Hey, maybe you decided that you’re simply not cut out for this and that you want to try something else.

I don’t judge. I believe everyone needs to find their own way.

So, just let me know and I will issue a refund, absolutely no questions asked.

You know what I’m doing here? I’m eliminating all the risk on your part so you have absolutely nothing to worry about, because I honestly wish someone would’ve done this for me, since I honestly don’t know how many refunds I would’ve asked myself!

Jokes aside, I really don’t want you to worry about a thing here. I just want to help, that’s all.

Ok, well that’s all for now. I sincerely look forward to hearing all of your amazing success stories, and I definitely look forward to seeing you achieve true satisfaction. Remember, it is definitely possible to achieve the kind of results I told you about, especially now that you know that there IS a guide available that will show you EVERYTHING you need to know. Trust me, this is an opportunity to change your life and turn it completely around!

P.S. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! I’m telling you, if I had something like this, I have no doubt I would achieve even more success than I already have. Trust me this is a major chance for you to start generating massive profits by leveraging Amazon! Take a leap of faith and make a risk because it is worth it!

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