Baby Bath Towel | Organic Bamboo Towel and Washcloth Set | Hypoallergenic | Hooded Baby Towel Set for Boys and Girls | Unisex

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Hello there,

As a proud mom of two children, my wardrobe at home had multiple styles of hooded bath towels. Some of them didn’t dry very well, lost treads easily and not large enough to cover the legs and arms. Some had creative designs, but NONE OF THEM ticked all of the boxes which I expected from a baby bath towel.

So, while I’m bathing my cutie pies, I got an idea to design my own hooded baby towel which look great, incredibility soft and safe on the delicate skin of my babies. This is how I devised 👶PARENTING & CHILDREN LONDON BAMBOO HOODED BABY TOWEL👶

It has a creamy grayish color that is suitable for both baby girls and boys! For added convenience, I have bundled an ultra-soft cleansing mitt set, so you never have to go back to use normal washcloths again!

Unlike others, our hooded baby towel and cleansing mitts are made of high quality, eco-friendly and sustainable 100% organic bamboo fabric (surface) with microfiber base (8% of total weight) for extreme softness, comfort and safety. Also, I have included a special wrap knitting throughout the towel to stop losing threads after washing which is one of the biggest issues of other baby bath towels!


✅ Corner hood position and double stitching ears to endure pulls and tugs
✅ Extra Large. Suitable for infants, toddlers and babies up to 6 years!
✅ Premium 400 GSM fabric. Fast drying and super absorbent!
✅ Bamboo natural white color, no whitening bleach!
✅ Hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Start and say NO to skin rashes and irritations!
✅ Packed in a premium gift box. An adorable baby shower gift for expecting moms and new parents!

YOUR BABY DESERVES THE ABSOLUTE BEST OF EVERYTHING, SO I’M SURE YOU WILL CHOOSE OURS AND KEEP YOUR PRECIOUS BUNDLE OF JOY WARM AND COMFORTABLE!👶 WRAP THEM WITH LOVE AND COMFORT. If you are looking for an exceptionally soft baby bath towel for your precious bundle of joy, look no further than PARENTING & CHILDREN LONDON EXTRA LARGE HOODED BABY TOWEL. It is great for both girls and boys and suitable for newborns, infants to toddlers (0-3, 0-6, 12-18, 18-24 months) up to 6 years old. Also, for your convenience, we have bundled an extra soft cleansing mitt set to give your baby the best bath time!
👶 THOUGHTFUL DESIGN. We have addressed the customers biggest complains on hooded baby bath towels for durable and long-lasting use. We have included a special wrap knitting to stop losing threads after machine washing, corner hood position and double stitching on ears to improve the strength against pulls and tugs. Also, our fabric has natural bamboo white color compared to competitors who are using whitening bleach, which is not good for the sensitive skin of your baby!
👶 SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION. Every mom wants the best for their baby. Keeping that in mind we made our baby bath towel and cleansing mitt set from incredibly soft, 100% organic and sustainable bamboo fabric on the surface with microfiber base (8% of total weight) to make your baby feel comfortable and happy after each bath. This thick 400GSM luxury towel is incredibly soft on your baby’s skin and absorbs up to 60% more than a typical cotton towel!
👶 HYPOALLERGENIC AND ANTIBACTERIAL. The bamboo fabric naturally has hypoallergenic and antibacterial characteristics, so it will not cause any irritations, skin conditions or rashes on your baby’s sensitive skin. Also, it is highly resistant to odors and free of chemicals!
👶 A PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT. The luxury gift packaging makes our hooded baby towel and cleansing mitt bundle a perfect baby shower gift for new and expecting mothers and parents. Also, we have included a free eBook, BIRTH TO AGE 6: Parental Tips for Every Parent which gives valuable advices to develop a healthy, happy and confident preschooler with every purchase! SO WHY WAIT? CHOOSE US WITH CONFIDENCE!


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