Baby Girl Hysterically Cries And Only Stops When Her Favorite Football Team Plays

All parents know that in some cases, there is only one thing that can calm your crying baby down.

For some children, it might just be a pacifier or being held by their parent. Other children need to hear a certain song before they stop crying.

Little Lola Catron, only 3 months old, cries often. Lola was born with a congenital heart disease and she has already had a few surgeries.

Her parents, Laura and Bryan Catron, learned that there is one thing that will calm Lola down. It’s not a toy or a children’s TV show.

Lola will instantly stop crying if they play Dallas Cowboys videos for the tiny baby. It’s not just any football team or video. Laura is a Denver Broncos fan and learned the hard way her daughter doesn’t have the same favorite team as her.

They can play any other football team for Lola and she will continue to cry, but when they play a Dallas Cowboys game, Lola is almost immediately entranced.

Laura admits she is sure there are other reasons for why Lola seems to love the Cowboys, but for now she is going to embrace it. Anything that makes her daughter happy will make her happy too.

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