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This Cranberry/Quartz/Grey Silicone teething necklace designed with the stylish Mother in mind. Includes a safety clasp to protect Mom and baby. Made with high quality Food Grade Silicone that meets the highest safety standards. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Can also be placed into the freezer to provide baby cool soothing teething pain relief.👶 STYLISH FOR MOMS SOOTHING FOR BABY: Great new mom gifts. These bead color combinations were meant to be stylish and fashionable while providing a great soothing teething experience for the baby while stimulating visual motor and sensory development
👶 FOOD GRADE SILICONE: Manufactured with the highest safety standards. Safe for babys to chew on dishwasher safe and also can be placed in the freezer to provide baby with a cool soothing sensation for teething pain.
👶 SAFETY CLASP: High quality break away safety clasp provides extra safety for both Mom and Baby. If necklace gets pulled to hard safety clasp will release and stop mom and baby from getting injured.
👶 VIBRANT COLORS: High quality silicone necklace is stylish and convenient alternative to Baltic amber necklaces, Baltic amber bracelets, freezer teething rings, chew keys, ring and teether toys. Why not coordinate according to your style?
👶 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: It is our goal to make sure every Mom is satisfied with our products. If you have any trouble at all contact us and we will make sure to respond to you quickly and offer customer service you can count on.


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