Baby Who Went Viral For Her Big Hair Is Starring In Pantene Ads Now

At just a year old, baby Chanco is already defining hair goals. The little girl first went viral last year when her mom shared a shot of her gorgeous mane on Instagram. At just 4 months old, little Chanco appeared with a more-than-full head of hair. Since that first photo, Chanco’s following has grown to over 300,000. Her mother, Mami Kano, manages the account. Kano was shocked by how the photos of her little girl took off. Now, Kano and Chanco are taking her voluminous hair to the big-time — the baby is starring in a Pantene ad!

Chanco recently celebrated her first birthday on December 23. It looks to be the first of many occasions to celebrate for the little one. On January 7, Chanco’s Pantene ad debuted. She appears in the ad alongside Japanese television personality Sato Kondo. Sato’s been admired throughout the country for aging gracefully and proudly displaying her grey hair. Yoshiaki Okura, P&G Japan Hair Care Associate Brand Director, told People that the two represent women who “want to be positive and make a new start through their hair.”

Baby Chanco was just four months old when her mother created an Instagram account. for her The first photo of her full head of hair impressed and charmed many.

That head of hair didn’t just appear overnight. Chanco was born with an impressive amount of hair for an infant.

Her beautiful head of hair comes as a surprise to many as well. It’s not every day that you see a baby so young with so much hair!

No one was more surprised about the attention Chanco got online than her mother.

She told People, “I’m so surprised with the reaction, but also very proud of the praise from many countries.”

Chanco’s hair has continued to grow impressively. When asked how she cares for Chanco’s hair, her mom said, “Brushing and just let her live as she is.”

Unlike many babies, Chanco enjoyed her first hair cut before her first birthday. She had her locks thinned out — and they still looked incredibly voluminous!

Kano is excited to try different things with Chanco’s hair as she gets older. “I prefer to keep her hair long, and in the future, I want to try some new arrangements, like braids,” she explained.

Aside from her glorious locks, Chanco is an absolute cutie. Her sweet, photogenic expressions in many of the pictures her mom posted had people eagerly awaiting her modeling debut.

We got our first taste of Chanco’s budding career just as she passed the 11-month mark. Her gorgeous hair and sunny demeanor makes her the perfect candidate to be a Pantene model!

Kano and Chanco were chosen to be ambassadors for the C Channel “Mama+”. They now create content for that channel as well as Chanco’s personal account/hair diary.

Chanco also celebrated her first birthday on December 23rd. Her birthday post alone has almost 50,000 likes.

Just two weeks later, Chanco made her Pantene Japan debut. For Yoshiaki Okura, the P&G Japan Hair Care Associate Brand Director, it was a no-brainer to feature Chanco.

“We went straight to her mother because Chanco’s personality and special character matches our image for women we want to support,” Okura said.

Chanco appears in the ad with Japanese television personality Sato Kondo. They both look fabulous as the faces of the #HairWeGo campaign!

Pantene even gave baby Chanco her own digital short! In the video, which is just over two minutes long, we see a sweet story about Chanco’s growing hair, called “The Hairy Tale.”

Chanco seems excited to see herself in print! We’re sure it’s just the beginning for the sweet little girl with locks everyone can love.

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