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BabyLynn is focusing on Health and Quality; Our products are made of eco-friendly materials manufacturing.

Why do choose BabyLynn?

  • Safe;Smooth and streamlined edges, nonskid 3D textures, and soft features. When the baby tumbles on the play mat, it can reduce the impact force, and thus protect the baby.
  • Clean.Our play mat is 100% waterproof in both sides and easy to wash. It prevents the breeding of bacteria, mites, flees and other harmful insects, and thus protects the health of baby.
  • Noise Reduction and Heat Preservation.The inner layer of the play mat consists of many tiny bubbles which have buffering effect to reduce noise. These tiny bubbles creates vacuum chambers to reduce heat transfer, and therefore protect your baby from the cold ground.
  • Education.The patterns of play mats includes cute cartoon figures, stories and educational topics which can help your baby to concentrate on these interesting things and guide them to learn during playing.
  • Convenience.The soft feature enables the play mat be easy to roll up and store. It can be placed either in living room, in bedroom or in playroom, as well as in your garden.
  • High Quality.Thanks to the Thermal transfer printing technology, there’s no lamination on the surface. Therefore, our product has very long life: up to 10 years.

    Choose BabyLynn, Choose the Health and Quality.Safe & Clean, Easy to Use.

  • BabyLynn’s promise is worth your trust.
  • BabyLynn Play Mat, Your Worry-free Choice.

    100% Money Back Guarantee. Buy with confidence.Click “Add to Cart” now, and order your own BabyLynn play mat!
    Grow with Your Baby;Warranty Period 12 months;Tested to US CPSIA, Toy European EN71 Standards and Germany PAHS Standard;BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free, Mercury Free, Formaldehyde Free
    Crawling Stage (0-9 Months): Protection of Joints When the baby starts crawling, the soft design of baby play mat can effectively protect the baby’s skin, and the multiple buffering layers can protect her hands, feet, arms and knees.
    Toddling Stage (9 Months – 2 Years): Protection of Head When the baby start toddling, tumble often happens as her head is heavier than other body parts. The soft baby play mat can protect her head when tumbling to the ground.
    Active Stage (2-4 Years): Comfort, Education and Fun Comfortable and educational playing space. Comfortable baby play mat can effectively resist moisture and cold of the ground, and keep the baby healthy. The colorful and vivid English letters and words as well as the interesting story pictures are helpful to develop the baby’s cognitive ability and expression ability.
    Naughty stage (4-7 years +): Prevention of Noises and Slips During this stage, the baby is very naughty. The embossed texture provides antislipping effect. When the baby continually jumping and playing


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