Baby’s First Year Memory Book With 12 Milestone Stickers, Under The Sea Edition

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The 30 bright pages filled with illustrations and easy-to-fill sections are the following:

  • This is the story of
  • Mommy and daddy’s names
  • Before you were born..
  • A letter to you before we met you
  • And then you arrived!
  • Footprints
  • Trace of hands
  • Where you lived
  • When you were born
  • 1 Month Old
  • 2 Months Old
  • 3 Months Old
  • 4 Months Old
  • 5 Months Old
  • 6 Months Old
  • 7 Months Old
  • 8 Months Old
  • 9 Months Old
  • 10 Months Old
  • 11 Months Old
  • 12 Months Old
  • Your favorite things
  • Family tree
  • Firsts (bath, smile)
  • Firsts (car ride, dr. visit, trip)
  • Firsts (laugh, wave, haircut)
  • First page of holidays
  • Second page of holidays
  • Third page of holidays
  • Your First Scribble

Some of the stickers are the following:

  • I can crawl
  • I slept all night
  • I can stand
  • My first haircut
  • I can wave
  • My first tooth
  • and much more!

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This modern baby book gives you a (and beautiful way to document all the special moment’s of your toddler’s first year. Mom will easily record special memories through photographs and milestones.
Perfect for you as a mommy or as a baby shower gift, this lovely newborn journal will help mom remember and recall their newborns first year forever. The colors are unisex, for both boy or girl.
Take photos of your baby and then keep them forever in an album as keepsakes – helping you capture and storing your kids most precious moments during its first year of life for many years to come.
12 high-quality and beautiful milestone stickers included. Just peel the pre-cut stickers from the adhesive paper and stick it to your baby’s clothes. A great accessory for your baby’s photography!
This charming book is hardcover and responsibly-printed. Each illustration was lovingly designed for you. We made this with love, and we hope you enjoy filling it out as much as we did creating it.