Backseat Organizer Kit by MC Optim | Car Seat Protector for Kids (2-Pack) + Car Trash Bin + eBook with Parenting Tips & Advice

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The Car seat protector kit by MC Optim consists of 2 baby/kids car seat protectors that will have your car seats looking like new for a longer time. The seat back protectors have built-in tablet or iPad holder pockets and multiple compartments that allow storing your baby utilities, water bottles, toys and other items. In addition to the two protector mats the kit also includes a car trash bin to manage all waste during long journeys and an e-book packed with useful information and tips that will prove indispensable during all car trips. MC Optim assures the customers that our product – the travel car seat protector kids – is crafted from the most durable materials under highest-degree craftsmanship.

Order the MC Optim car seat organizer kit now and get:

1 x seat protector with ipad car holder and 4 mesh pockets

★Material: Oxford fabric, PVC and mesh
★Size: 24.50 x 16.50 inch
★Tablet Pocket Size: 10.82 x 7.08 inch
★Weight:6.34 oz

1 x seat cover for kids with tablet holder, 2 mesh pockets and 1 zipper compartment

★Material: Oxford fabric, PVC and mesh
★Size: 24.50 x 16.50 inch
★Tablet Pocket -Size: 10.82 x 7.08 inch
★Weight: 6.34 oz

1 x car trash bag

★Material: Black Oxford fabric
★Size: 14.96 x 7.08 x 4.72 inch
★Weight: 1.41 oz

1 x eBook with Ideas for ParentsTHE BACK-SEAT ORGANIZER KIT KEEPS YOUR CAR INTERIOR CLEAN AND ORGANIZED. The kit contains 3 items: two seat protectors (kick mats) and a car trash bin, all made of high-quality fabric, that is waterproof and easy to clean
REDUCE BOREDOM DURING LONG JOURNEYS. Our backseat protectors come with waterproof iPad/tablet holder, allowing your kids to watch their favourite cartoons and shows, keeping them entertained and letting you focus on driving safely
ELIMINATE CLUTTER FROM YOUR CAR. An essential addition to your road trip car accessories, our car seat organizer set provides numerous spacious compartments that can hold water bottles, food, as well as pockets that you can stock with crayons, toys and other baby utilities
KEEP YOUR CAR TIDY. Made of high-quality fabric with strong, fine crafted stitching, the large kick mats are built for long lasting use. The car seat protectors are easy to clean and will keep the upholstery spotless for a long time, despite children’s endeavour to redecorate it
BONUS ITEMS: CAR TRASH BIN AND E-BOOK. The package cleverly includes a machine-washable car trash bin with elastic top opening to prevent spills and a comprehensive e-book. Free of charge!


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