Battle for Azeroth: Alliance Starting Scenario (Spoilers!)

The Intro Alliance quest line was available on the Battle for Azeroth alpha for a short period of time. Thanks to Nobbel for running through the scenario and giving us a sneak peek of the footage!

This post includes spoilers for the Alliance introduction scenario for Battle for Azeroth.

You can watch more Battle for Azeroth coverage on Nobbel’s YouTube channel. We’ve also previewed the Horde Starting Scenario.

Anduin Wrynn: Our enemies remain one step ahead of us. We must close that gap.

Anduin Wrynn: The time has come to call upon old allies in distant lands, and to see the true might of the Alliance made whole again.

Anduin Wrynn: Pack your bags and report to Swormwind Keep immediately. You’re heading for Kul Tiras.

Anduin Wrynn: Upon arriving at Stormwind Keep:

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: The Horde has just run wild through Stormwind and you want to send me home?!

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: We should head for Zandalar immediately and deliver those animals to justice!

Anduin Wrynn: Underestimating our enemy has already cost us enough lives.

Anduin Wrynn: There is now a more important task at hand, Jaina. Something only you can do.

Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth: My king, the Lady Jaina’s ship is ready to set sail.

Anduin Wrynn: Thank you, admiral. This hero will be joining her.

Anduin Wrynn: Kul Tiras must pledge their fleet to the Alliance. Can I count on you, Jaina?

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: I will see it done. I will do anything to defeat the Horde.

Anduin Wrynn: <Sigh.> That is what I am afraid of…

Jaina visits her mother.

A not implemented cinematic plays and the player ends up in a cell with Flynn Fairwind.

“Sail through Boralus main canal & meet Katherine scene.”

The player must punch Flynn to escape and create a riot to leave.

Flynn: Alright, here’s the plan:
Flynn: Hit me.
Flynn: Come on, hit me.
Ashvane Jailer: Hey! What’s going on in there?!
Flynn: Quick! Hit that lever!

Flynn: Riot boys! Give ’em hell!
Flynn: Let’s find the head jailer for this cell block and get his key!
Flynn: Told him he’d regret lockin’ me up. Now where’s my stuff…
Flynn: Ahh, that’s better! I felt naked without these!
Flynn: Let’s get down to the lower levels and look for a way out.

Escape through the sewers.

Flynn: Something touched my leg!
Flynn: Wait wait, no. It was just my other leg. We’re good.

Escape the jailer, dodging pillars of light.

Ashvane Jailer: You! Stop right there!
<Jailer gets eaten by beast.>
Ashvane Jailer: Wh-what?!
Ashvane Jailer: No! Noooo!
Flynn: O…kayyyy…
Flynn: It’s time to go. Our ride should be waiting for us just up the beach.

Meet Taelia at the getaway boat.

Flynn: Right on time, as usual. Thanks for coming on such short notice!
<Get on the getaway boat with Taelia.>
Taelia: We have to stop meeting like this.
Flynn: I know, I know. But I got something BIG on Ashvane.
Flynn: Plus I made a friend! Crime-buddy, Taelia. Taelia, crime-buddy.
Taelia: Wait…I recognize you…
Taelia: You arrived with Jaina Proudmoore! You’re the Alliance emissary!
Flynn: Wait, Jaina’s back? How did that go over with Katherine?
Taelia: You literally just broke the emissary out of an Ashvane prison. How do you think it went?
Taelia: Ashvane won’t be happy about your little stunt. There are probably bounty hunters looking for you as we speak.
Taelia: You’ll be safe in the market though. They wouldn’t dare try anything here.
Flynn: Thanks for the lift, Tae. I’ll see you at the tavern.

Taelia: Than you for helping Flynn. I’ve been bailing him out of trouble since we were kids.

My name’s Taelia. I’m with the Proudmoore Guard.

You must be wondering why I’d help you after Katherine turned away the Alliance.

Let’s just say things here in Kul Tiras are a little more complicated than they appear. I’ll get you up to speed soon enough.

For now, let me show you around the marketplace.

The questline abruptly ended here, as Nobbel got phased out of the zone.

There is some datamined broadcast text which could be related:

The outer wall hosts a marketplace that is second to none. Merchants from all over Azeroth dock here to trade their goods.
For most visitors, the market is all they ever see of Boralus. Beyond the Great Gate lies the city proper, and very few outsiders are allowed inside.

Curse it! We’ll have to continue without him… wait, what is that?
This looks like ice magic… Jaina must have come this way!
We must press deeper into the forest! Form up!
The beasts bar the way. Cut through them!
There appears to be a structure in the distance. That must be where Jaina was headed!

So you are allied with house Proudmoore, then? I imagine you’ve come here for news of Jaina, then. There’s no other reason you’d come this far north.

Captain Denholm, I have conscripted these men for a special mission. I order you to stand aside and allow us to pass!
By order of the queen, none shall pass this gate. Not even you.
We don’t have time for this! Soldiers, stand with me!
Enough, I yield!
You can pass, Reade, but the queen will hear of this! You’ll never set foot in Boralus again!
That is a risk I must take, Captain. Soldiers, on me.
Jaina!? She is the purpose of this expedition? But that’s treason!

Here we go, this be the path!
I have a feeling they’re not going to open that gate for us when we return…
We will find a way, Mace, once we find Jaina. Thoughts, Yorrick?
It’s likely she would’ve followed the road to look for shelter.
Very well, that’s where we will begin.

House Proudmoore runs the military. The city guard and marines all answer to Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore. Technically, she rules the entire nation.
House Ashvane controls the nation’s wealth. The Ashvane Company holds all of the official state contracts for trade and production.
Pretty much everybody works for them in one way or another. Even the gangs.

The Alliance is prepared to offer a large reward for Jaina’s return.
Jaina’s jailers arrived here only a few days ago to carry out her exile. If we hurry, we may be able to find her before it’s too late.

Jaina! I never lost faith that when the hour grew darkest, you would stand with us once more.

We then learn more about Lady Ashvane:

Looks as if Boralus is already in its death throes.
Remember, the primary objective is recovering Lady Ashvane’s weapons.
Though while we’re here, may as well see what other treasures we can find.
I’ll circle above and call out anything that looks interesting.
I’ve spotted one of Kul Tiran’s finest rallying his troops in the courtyard ahead.
Defeating him will cause disorder among their ranks, making it easier for you to move through the city.
Ha! Look at them scatter. Without their leadership, these humans are worthless.
I’ve spotted Lady Ashvane in the next district. Hurry and you may be able to cut her off.

I will never surrender the city to you, Ashvane.
Surrender? Ha! You misunderstand, my lady. I want you to watch while your city burns.
Why would I save a failure, Ashvane?
I see now that entertaining her delusions of taking this city were a waste of my efforts, a mistake I will now gladly rectify.
You will serve as an example of what happens to those who invoke my wrath. Let Azeroth tremble at my power!
Lord Admiral, we must get you to safety now! A massive tidal wave is approaching the city!

So Lady Ashvane is in league with Azshara? Interesting. Though it changes little about our objective.
You’ll have to remove that beast from your path if you hope to catch Ashvane.
I’ve spotted Ashvane’s entourage crossing the bridge. In order to catch them you’ll need to remove a pair of troublesome naga from your path.
Ashvane has retreated to the castle and has nowhere left to run. Time to end this hunt.
Well done claiming the azerite weapons, but we need to move quickly.
A tidal wave is rushing towards the city. It’s time to leave Boralus to its fate.

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