Battle for Azeroth Hotfixes August 27th – Auction House Changes, Battle Pet Fixes

Comment by JohnCrichton

on 2018-08-27T23:30:37-05:00

Nice they fixed some things,esp with AH i am sick of 1mil orders by 1… 🙂

Comment by OCDCatLady

on 2018-08-27T23:36:38-05:00

I am glad to see them working on the AH issue. I am not at all sure this will be enough, but it’s good to know it’s on the radar.

Comment by TheMightySaurus

on 2018-08-27T23:38:26-05:00

Ey blizz. How bout fixin the dawnforge ram’s slo mo run animation? kk thnx bby.

Comment by Azurai

on 2018-08-27T23:54:45-05:00

I doubt this will stop the singleton spam. They need to make it so the deposit for each trade good you put up doubles each time you post a duplicate.

Comment by SFFCorgi

on 2018-08-28T00:01:58-05:00

There’s an inn at the Blood Gate?

Comment by Phnxdwn

on 2018-08-28T00:04:24-05:00

Feral still needs more fixing. Glad to see they allowed the Horde War Campaign boat to be a rest area now. Big QoL buff.

Comment by Draccy

on 2018-08-28T00:27:47-05:00

Is the WQ with Kiro fixed? Near Atal’dazar in Vol’dun, where you have to kill a plant… or something.r
Damn, wish I could recall more about it, but it was busted on some shards and the plant would never spawn.

Comment by hotaru251

on 2018-08-28T00:31:50-05:00

I doubt this will stop the singleton spam. They need to make it so the deposit for each trade good you put up doubles each time you post a duplicate.r
it isnt made to stop it.r
it is made to reduce it.r
Wont be a true fix to it until they re-do the AH (which will likely not be in BFA’s time)

Comment by Manniala

on 2018-08-28T00:34:29-05:00

I do NOT think this will do anything, i do not think the real reason why some post all the x 1 items, is because they do not think they can sell 20 x 20 for instance, but its some thing more “mental” behind, like they know it annoys people, they know that the AH now gets slower on high pop servers, you need to figure out the reason why they do it, before you can start fixing the problem.

So if i’m correct, they could with a really cheap way, post a lot of items, that makes the game go slower when people do a whole AH search, not every one uses TSM app to get the database, every time a player do a whole AH scan, the servers need to respond and send package for each item.

So to make us suffer more, they could for instance just post 10.000 x Light Parchment they cost 15 copper for 5, so i could 10.000 of them for 3g, and just have an second account post them for 1c each, so the increased by 20% of the asking price, for 1 item is then 1s 20c each x 10.000, this is peanuts for some people that think its funny to halt the whole server.

And before you say, there are no one that dos this, well yeah and there are also no one that ever have done DDoS on the server, and this is done from within the game, and its legal, since there are no rules about you cant post if i wanted 1.000.000 of them. or more.

I would rather have seen some thing like (this is taken in consider its items that can be stacked to 200)
Each account can post max 10 x 1 item of each type, so if i have 1.000 x Light Parchment i want to post on the AH, i can only post 10 x 1, then the next step will be 10 x 5 (for instance), and then next is 20 x 20, 10 x 100, or some like that, but there should be NO restrictions on the amount of whole stacks you can put on the AH, for instance 20 x 200, or 100 x 200, the restrictions only come in play, the moment you do not post a full stack.

I do know, that the impact of people just posting those Light Parchment, wont be that great, since the majority of the AH lag is not from the whole AH scan, but the Sniping and people searching manually and posting items.

Comment by Wilprut

on 2018-08-28T00:35:02-05:00

do they have any plans on fixing the reputation nerf in draenor and that you can no longer gain reputation with the bodyguards ? damn if you are going to do that at least say it in a patch note or something

Comment by Draugor

on 2018-08-28T00:37:30-05:00

it isnt made to stop it.r
it is made to reduce it.r
Wont be a true fix to it until they re-do the AH (which will likely not be in BFA’s time)r
i hope when they “re-do” the AH they don’t forget the mailbox, half of the annoyance of single-stack auctions is waiting for the next 50 mails to show up … at least buying single stack auctions can be made easier with addons, getting more then 50 mails at once can’t.

Comment by Jimbrooks

on 2018-08-28T00:54:31-05:00

Why not just limit us to have like 20 things on the AH at any one time per toon or something like that? I understand that this would make a lot of legit people annoyed but on the flipside it would drastically reduce the 1 stack spam.

Comment by thagreatk

on 2018-08-28T01:49:35-05:00

Great that they fixed the worst problem of ferals first (sarcasm).r
The AH fix doesn’t help at all. If the auction gets sold the “penalty” is returned to the player. So in other words it still doesn’t help.r
An better idea is to limit posting more than 50 stacks of <x item> or something alike.

Comment by SquirePip

on 2018-08-28T02:39:10-05:00

Considering how many people post stuff on the AH for less than it’s vendor price, I’m pretty convinced no one pays attention to anything like deposit costs or even price they just know they are undercutting someone else and that’s all they care about.

Comment by Rattja

on 2018-08-28T03:05:26-05:00

Wonder if they will ever admit that the AH as it is now is fundamentally broken and actually fix it. If all they have to do is pay 20% more, and that 20% is returned if it sells, I don’t really see how that changes anything unless you have almost no gold to your name.r
I find it strange that a behemoth like WoW can’t get the backbone of the economy right, or give it some serious attention. Other games already have far better systems, so how about borrowing ideas from them? Guild Wars 2 has a quite decent one from what I can remember, so does even Runescape.r
Personally I think the best way to fix it without too much messing about would be to do something along the lines of this:r
Whenever you put an item up for sale, you only choose the per item price. All the items of that kind and with the same price would be bunched together automatically. Then people that wants to buy could choose how many of them they wanted to buy.r
Ex. If I put up 10 iron ore, say 5 gold each, then right after put 5 more up also for 5 gold each, the AH would list that as 15 ore from me. Then someone could come along and buy 3 of those if they wanted, not needing to buy the whole stack.r
The only way people could post like a million of 1s would be to have a different price for all of them. Not only that, but sometimes you need an odd amount of something, and currently if you need 70 and all you can find is 1s and 200s, then you are kinda screwd.r
When was last they did a major update for the AH anyways?

Comment by OldManMetal

on 2018-08-28T03:21:51-05:00

Vathikur should now spawn once all pit snakes have been killed.

I rode by this rare this evening but there were no pit snakes to kill. However the minimap star was present and you could see the ground rumbling. I guess it will be fixed after the restarts?

Comment by Jacevandever

on 2018-08-28T03:44:05-05:00

The problem with MMO auction houses is they are usually so tied into the coding of the game that it would be practically impossible to do a major overhaul without breaking everything else. That’s probably why we’re still using the vanilla launch version now. There’s so many things they could (and probably would love to) have done over the years to make it better.

Adding 20% to the deposit is going to do little to nothing to stop people posting hundreds of stacks of one, most of the people doing it won’t even realize they have increased the deposit. If that’s the best they can do, then they might as well just give up now and let things return to normal once the “new expansion” phase is over.

Comment by angeleyed

on 2018-08-28T03:46:54-05:00

I am too happy the ship is now rested area

Comment by ZeroEdgeir

on 2018-08-28T03:51:23-05:00

For anyone commenting about this AN Band-aid not “fixing the problem”…. Read the bigger post about it:r
The last paragraph specifies they are going to be working on a larger change to the AH infrastructure in a future patch. This is a temporary fix (they hope) to curb the behaviour. I imagine if this doesn’t return any positive results, they will push further temporary extremes out to deal with it. And without changing the AH itself, it will likely be account-level limits on how many auctions you can have up. And I say “account-level” so that people aren’t just using 10 alts to bypass a per-character restriction.

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