Battle for Azeroth Season 2 PvP Rewards and Transmog

Comment by urielvazquez

on 2019-01-14T10:44:14-06:00

Wow these are horrible!r
Also, do we know if the ensembles from last season will be available from a vendor? I missed a couple pieces.

Comment by sycrog

on 2019-01-14T10:45:02-06:00

Alliance plate and cloth looks really good

Comment by Jemux

on 2019-01-14T10:50:11-06:00

Alliance sets look like a raid set, horde sets look like a lvl 10 leveling set

Comment by Icesong

on 2019-01-14T10:52:37-06:00

Why is the Horde leather set the only one that changes colors for the elite appearance? Is this a mistake?

Comment by belgaer

on 2019-01-14T10:57:46-06:00

Alliance sets look like a raid set, horde sets look like a lvl 10 leveling setr
That’s because it’s forsaken-themed set, so it needs to be ugly.

Comment by NekroFenix

on 2019-01-14T11:05:24-06:00

its good the saddles are coming backr
i pretty much do RBGs just for the mounts and was disturbed about they removing the saddles, now that we get “paragon” saddles hope is back and also make me get more wins that just the ones needed

Comment by BigBadDad

on 2019-01-14T11:06:37-06:00

I feel sorry for the alliance if you aren’t playing a night elf. The horde plate is about the only decent set on this page (unless night elf).

Comment by Cellric

on 2019-01-14T11:07:04-06:00

Am I the only one who thinks horde sets look awesome (specifically cloth) and alliance looks lame af

Comment by baldingwookiee

on 2019-01-14T11:20:22-06:00

Is it just me or has the design team just given up on decent transmog armor since tier sets are gone? Iu2019m used to crappy mail sets, but crappy sets all around is just laziness.

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