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The real battle of Dazar’alor starts today (or, well, Wednesday or even Thursday) and as always, we’ll be covering the top guilds race through the latest boss factory to find out who gets crowned winner and downs Jaina first.

This race has already seen some issues pop up, from faction switching for gear, to a frankly insane amount of split Heroic, Normal and Mythic (Uldir) raids just to get the smallest bit of advantage. This time around the big news is Limit going at it full throttle, as they’ve upped their raiding hours, which is particularly interesting since they were incredibly close to getting that World First in Uldir, in the end only losing due to them extending their lockout. Method and Exorsus will be streaming the race, so we’ll have plenty of information and clips to take a look at, but it will also make them a bit more vulnerable as their strategies will be there for everyone to see.

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The top 5 last time around consisted of Method, Limit, Exorsus and Pieces, and G’huun survived 8 days, just barely making it into the second reset. With Crucible of the Storms also coming later in this patch cycle (aka before 8.2), it remains to be seen just how difficult Dazar’alor will end up being, and considering the very short length of the Crucible, it may just turn out to be a bit of a filler raid. If Limit do end up getting that World First, you can be sure to hear a lot of discussion crop up again on the time advantage the US servers get, especially if the second guild to down the boss is from the EU and the down it within that 14-hour or so time span the raid is open before the EU get to go in.

We have 9 bosses forming the battle, with a bit of a weird and new system to them, with each faction getting a turn in the story – the first boss, Champions of the Light, is just a name/skin swapped version of the mechanically same boss for both factions, while the second and third simply have their positions swapped. Then we have the final 6 bosses who are split into two story/faction specific groups, where each faction gets to experience the other’s story by being faction-swapped. The 4th, 5th and 6th bosses (Opulence, the Conclave of the Chosen and King Rastakhan) are Alliance-specific encounters, where Horde get race changed and see that perspective, while the final three (Mekkatoque, Stormwall Blockade and Jaina) are Horde-specific, and the Alliance get to see what it’s like to fight with those once-OP Horde racials.

As always, we’ll be counting on Method’s raid progress coverage for all the latest updates and you can go check that out over on their site!

The race is on and you can find all our daily summaries and an intro right here!

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