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In this article, we’re looking at punchcards available for the customizable Patch 8.2 trinket from Mechagon.

Pocket-Sized Computation Device is a new trinket from Mechagon with three punchard sockets that can be customized to your liking in Patch 8.2. The quest for the trinket is available as soon as you start your journey in Mechagon.

Azerite Powers

Patch 8.2 Azerite Armor comes with a new Azerite trait, which increases the effectiveness of Red & Yellow punchcards by 50% (Person-Computer Interface).


Punchcards can be looted from rare mobs in Mechagon, some drop in the new Operation: Mechagon dungeon while other can be purchased from the Rustbolt Resistance Quartermaster. Below is a list of punchcards that were added so far:

Blue Punchcards (Non-DPS Utility)

Electromagnetic Resistors

Equip: Increase resistance to movement forces.

Friend or Foe Identifier

Equip: Track nearby Mechanical creatures.

Neural Autonomy

Equip: Gain Neural Silencer, making you immune to some annoyances.

Remote Circuit Bypasser

Equip: Allows you to hack creatures and constructs in Mechagon.

Supplemental Oxygenation Device

Equip: Increases your lung capacity by 1,000%.

Red Punchards (On-Use Effects)

Cyclotronic Blast

Use: Channel a cyclotronic blast, dealing 114 damage every 0.5 sec for 2.5 sec.

Harmonic Dematerializer

Use: Deals 40 damage to target, and amp Harmonic Dematerializer’s damage to similar targets.

Subroutine: Emergency Repairs

Equip: Healing allies below 50% health has a chance to make your spells refund mana for 6 sec.

Subroutine: Overlock

Equip: Chance on damage or healing to gain 10% haste.

Yellow Punchcards (Secondary Stat Increase)

Forceful Adaptable Logic Board

+311 Critical Strike, +93 Versatility

Forceful Efficient Logic Board

+311 Critical Strike, +93 Haste

Forceful Refined Logic Board

+311 Critical Strike, +93 Mastery

Omnipurpose Effective Logic Board

+311 Versatility, +93 Critical Strike

Omnipurpose Efficient Logic Board

+311 Versatility, +93 Haste

Omnipurpose Refined Logic Board

+311 Versatility, +93 Mastery

Optimized Adaptable Logic Board

+311 Mastery, +93 Versatility

Optimized Effective Logic Board

+311 Mastery, +93 Critical Strike

Optimized Efficient Logic Board

+311 Mastery, +93 Haste

Performant Adaptable Logic Board

+311 Haste, +93 Versatility

Performant Effective Logic Board

+311 Haste, +93 Critical Strike

Performant Refined Logic Board

+311 Haste, +93 Mastery

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