Bed Bug Prevention in NYC

Bed Bug - ExoticAnimalLover.comEveryone needs to wash their laundry.

That’s right! Even if you don’t do your own laundry, it has to be done, doesn’t it?

Sometimes, if you’re busy or don’t have the facilities where you live, you will be in search of a laundry and dry cleaning service.

As well, if you are simply staying in a city where you’re working, you may be at a hotel, and could use some assistance with washing your clothing.

A huge concern over recent years when traveling, or even at home for that matter, is the issue of bed bugs becoming a rampant pest of sorts in homes.

NYC Bed Bug Laundry can handle your laundry and dry cleaning needs in NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and all NY, and they specialize in getting rid of and preventing bed bug infestations. They use a specially formulated organic laundry detergent that kills bed bugs and washes away the bugs and eggs.

Their service is reasonable at $2.50 per pound of laundry and includes their free pick-up, sorting of laundry, washing with special formula, drying, neatly folding, packaging items in sealed bags, and they can store them up to 2 weeks during bed bug treatment at your home, as well as delivering it for free too.

Providing fast, free and discreet pick ups is what NYC Bed Bug Laundry is what they specialize in 24/7, 365 days per year.

Are you worried about bed bugs? Although bed bugs bite, it isn’t known that they can pass their 27 known pathogens that they can carry to their hosts. Sounds like good news, doesn’t it?

Not really because bed bugs may, however, under the right circumstances, be able to pass along Hepatitis B or Chagas disease, known as trypanosomiasis.

So, if you are looking for some quick help with your laundry and bed bug needs, call on NYC Bed Bug Laundry to handle your crisis.

Bed Bug Prevention in NYC is a post from: Exotic Animal Lover

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