Before the Storm Explained (Spoilers) – Lore with Nobbel87

It’s time for our monthly lore collaboration with Nobbel87! In this series, Nobbel will examine the lore behind popular content on Wowhead, and we’ll provide database links and guides so you can experience the lore and content in-game. Today’s video is all about the novel “Before the Storm” by Christie Golden, now available at bookstores and on Amazon.

Spoiler warnings for the novel as well as Battle for Azeroth.

Hello everyone! “Before the Storm” is the latest Warcraft novel, taking place after our victory on Argus and the imprisonment of Sargeras. The lord of the Legion was able to stab our world and do some massive damage to the planet, Azeroth is dying, and the planet is bleeding a somewhat new substance called Azerite. That, and the events with the Desolate Council, are the two major storylines told in the book so lets begin with the Azerite.

Gallyix and Azerite

This stuff was first discovered by Gallywix all the way back to the goblin days on Kezan. Turns out that Deathwing showing up or the Cataclysm might not have actually been the reason for their volcano to activate and destroy their little island. It could have very well been the goblins digging so deep that they actually struck the blood of the world, azerite. Gallywix placed it in his cane for safekeeping and with recent events, the ore inside has changed color from red to gold again. Touching this stuff has some incredible effects on the people. Forget Kaja’mite or Kaja’cola, this is the real deal as it gives you a feeling of being mighty. Thoughts will race through your brain, not simply calculating, cunning, clever thoughts but shining, frighteningly brilliant ones. Innovative. Creative. It can heal the soul, destroy civilizations, it is a power unlike any they have ever experienced and like Sylvanas said…“This…will change everything…”

Those that touch it all have a similar experience. Although it is an unknown and new substance for the moment, the potential of Azerite is instantly clear. There was speculation that it might also have some mind-controlling abilities which might be something they’ll play around with, but in the book it doesn’t seem to be a thing. Instead it comes down to the individual on how they should utilize it.


She was no longer a Dark Lady or even a queen. She was a goddess of destruction and creation, and she was stunned that she had never understood how deeply the two were intertwined. Armies, cities, entire cultures – she could raise them.

And fell them. Stormwind would be among the first, yielding its people to swell the numbers of her own.

She could deal death on a scale that —

… yeah she wants to weaponize it.


Strategies raced through his head, each one of them sound and successful, each one of them engendering a shift in comprehension and ensuring a lasting peace that benefited every being on Azeroth.

He felt like he could not only climb mountains…he could move them. He could end war, channel the Light into every dark corner. He was exultant and also perfectly, wholly calm and completely certain as to how to channel this rushing river – no tsunami – of energy and power. Not even the Light affected him as this…this did. The sensation was similar but less spiritual, more physical.

More alarming.

What could be done with this! How many could it heal? How many could it strengthen, soothe, invigorate, inspire? How many could it kill?

The thought was a gut punch, and he felt the elation inspired by the Azerite retreat.

…Yeah, Anduin wants to use it to bring peace and keep others safe. There are those amongst the Alliance that want to use it in an offensive matter like Rogers but Anduin is pretty clear about his intentions and the rest follow his lead.

Learn more on Wowhead:

  • The meeting with Gallywix and Sylvanas was dramatized in the 7.3.5 ending cinematic for the Horde:
  • Gallywix received an updated model in-game in Patch 7.3.5 to reflect the azerite on his cane.
  • Kezan is the starting zone for the Goblin race. Here you can find their bustling shady Bilgewater Port and engage in shady goblin business practices…until the volcano Mount Kajaro erupted. You can then continue questing in The Lost Isles as the Goblins rebuild and ultimately decide to join the Horde.
  • You can purchase Kaja’Cola, which gives you ideas, from the Cataclysm Timewalking vendor. Check out this comment for some of the ideas your character has! Kaja’mite also plays a large role Kezan as your player character starts out owning a Kaja’mite mine with Troll slaves.
  • Undermine was originally the capital city of Kezan, which was abandoned when Mount Kajaro erupted. We will be going back to this zone as a dungeon Battle for Azeroth with the bosses Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler, Tik’ali, Rixxa Fluxflame, and Mogul Razzdunk. The goblins here are focused on mining Azerite and becoming Azerite barons.
  • The Alliance clash with Gallywix in Battle for Azeroth in Part 4 of the War Campaign.
  • You can see Anduin’s initial reaction to Azerite in the 7.3.5 ending cinematic for the Alliance:
  • A big topic leading up to Battle for Azeroth is the contrast in reactions between Anduin and Sylvanas where some believe Anduin always seems overly peaceful and kind, while Sylvanas is evil to an exaggerated extent. Their reactions to Azerite can reinforce this idea. You can check out our Battle for Azeroth lore article (Spoilers) to see if you agree with the decisions these faction leaders make.

Magni and Azerite

Throughout the story we read about a goblin gnome couple, yes…goblin-gnome love is now a confirmed thing, and they work out ways on how to use Azerite like armor, antidotes and of course weapons.

In the end Sapphronetta Fivvers and Grizzek don’t exactly want to hand over their work to the Horde as they know what will happen to their labor of love and they rather take their chances with the Alliance. They don’t really get a choice though as during their escape they get captured, tied to a bomb and then it explodes but it doesn’t exactly say if they blow up or not…so maybe something that will show up in the expansion.

Yet Azerite is the lifeblood of this world, her essence, and Magni Bronzebeard can hear her cries of agony. The world is dying and he doesn’t just let the Alliance and Horde know, this is a problem that affects all life on the planet and he goes around making sure that everyone’s priorities are in order.

“The storm is gathering hero. If we don’t find a way to heal Azeroth, nothing else is going to matter.”

After Magni speaks to the Alliance, they are quickly on board and are going to send out the Explorers League, Cenarion Circle and the Earthen Ring to Silithus. The Horde is asked to get their goblins out of there as they’re just making a bad thing worse and if they don’t stop, we might need to find a new world to call home. Sylvanas isn’t really too happy with the King of Diamonds showing up, but she does let Baine lead the response to heal Azeroth after telling him to stop communicating with Anduin as that’s still been going on. Magni leaves them behind to next inform the centaur in Desolace of what’s going on, like I said, he’s warning everyone!

Learn more on Wowhead:

  • In Battle for Azeroth, our artifact weapons are decommissioned. They will retain their item level and appearances for transmog, but the traits will be lost. Many classes have been rebalanced to account for the loss of traits, and we have a full list of artifact traits reappearing as class abilities.
  • With the 8.0 PTR now up, we previewed the quest where you lose your Artifact Traits.
  • In Battle for Azeroth, Magni approaches members of both factions with the Heart of Azeroth. With this equipped, you’ll absorb Azerite, hopefully healing the world. From a gameplay perspective, you’ll gain special Azerite Traits on your shoulder, helm, and chest armor. This provides some gameplay customization as there are many utility traits, some that only work in Uldir and PvP, and a variety of class and spec-specific perks. You can find a full list here and the Wowhead team has updated the site for Azerite filters, tabs on related pages, and a fancy calculator UI on all item pages.
  • Blizzard published “The Speaker” a few weeks ago. In this comic, we learn more about Magni’s family. In between pondering how to help Azeroth, we see flashbacks of Magni interacting with his wife and teaching a young Moira how to fight. The challenges Magni faces in communicating with Azeroth parallel the difficulties he faces with Moira, who seized the opportunity to make a new life for herself with the Dark Iron Dwarves after feeling devalued by her father. Check out when we initially reported on this.

The Desolate Council

So that’s the situation with Azerite, a new powerful substance that is going to change everything. The next big thing is the Desolate Council, an organization that slowly formed once the Dark Lady became the Warchief. While others members of the Horde criticize her for not showing the other races enough attention, her own people say she has been giving the Horde too much and a void of power has developed in the Undercity. They’re not another Putress or anything, they have no intention of seizing power from the Dark Lady, just making sure that there’s a governing body to tend to the population’s needs. But since the Forsaken have free will, something even shown during their starting experience as they have the choice to join Sylvanas or not, it also gave them the choice to disagree with her views. She has seen hell and wants to stay alive forever, but some have begun to wonder if they were ever meant to. How much should they do, how far should they go, just to keep existing?

That’s a question arising amongst some of the Forsaken as well as emotions and memories to their days amongst the living. This is set up with Anduin’s caretaker Wyll Benton dying, who in his final moments can’t see his beloved wife Elsie waiting for him. If she had died, she would be waiting and if she had survived, she would have found a way back to him. His last request to Anduin is to tell her that he always loved only her. If you see her, tell her I’ll wait for her.

As luck would have it, Elsie is actually the leader of the Desolate Council and there are more amongst the Forsaken that would love to see their living family again. You might remember that when the Forsaken asked to join the Alliance, the messengers never made it back but times have changed, years have passed and there’s new leadership now.

Learn more on Wowhead:

Alonsus Faol

We also saw Alonsus Foul make a return in Legion. The one responsible for the creation of the Paladins in the Alliance, he came back as an Undead Priest and worked with priests from all around the world to fight against the Legion.

“Forgive the secrecy. Old habits die hard. I am Alonsus Faol. At times I have been a leader of a church, a mindless minion of the Scourge and a commander in a secret war. But I have always been a priest first.”

If they could do it on a small scale amongst the priest order, is there the potential for a reunion between the living and the undead? The spark of an idea, the seed of change was there and it would only take a few good people with good intentions to make it so. I’d highly recommend to pick up the book and read how this is built up because I would never be able to retell it and do it justice. It’s not just a rushed idea, they take proper time for it, proper planning and examples showing that it could work.

Turalyon has been brilliantly used for this plot. He was there during the days that Alonsus was still alive, as one of the first Paladins of the Order of the Silver Hand. Turalyon, the one so devoted to the Light and a member of the story when Undead and Shadow was seen as purely evil. But when Anduin sets up a meeting with Turalyon and Alonsus, the paladin first brims with rage. He sees Alonsus as nothing but a being that has stolen his form to parade around with, wearing him as if he were a suit of clothing. The undead are unholy so Alonsus walks up to him, arms spread and asks him to look for the Light within him.

You will find it and if you do not, then I do beg of you to strike me down, for I would not wish to exist as a broken corpse the Light had abandoned.

And so the High Exarch does, and he finds the Light, he finds his old friend, his arrogance blinding him to what was clear all along had he looked with the right eyes.

Here is where you can find Faol in-game:

  • Alonsus Faol is an Order Hall Champion Priests can recruit in Legion. In addition to sending him on missions, when he is selected as a Combat Ally, he will periodically spawn as you fight outdoor mobs and cast Searing Light.
  • Alonsus is one of the first NPCs you meet on the Priest Class Campaign, which shows priests from different races working together. You can learn more about the Class Hall Campaign and the rewards here, which include the title and two artifact tints.
  • In this Class Hall Campaign, Alonsus Faol leads the Priests to fight the Legion. The Priests team up with the Paladins to work together and spread the Light, and the story culminates with an attack on Netherlight Temple. You can read an ordered list of campaign quests here.
  • Completing the Class Hall Campaign is required to start the Priest quests for the Class Mounts added on the Broken Shore. The Priest quests reward the High Priest’s Lightsworn Seeker.
  • Faol’s Rest was Alonsus’ supposed resting place, outside of Scarlet Monastery. Prior to Cataclysm, Alonsus had a tribute outside the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind.
  • There are two items referencing Faol–Alonsus Faol’s Copper Coin which can be fished up in Dalaran and Faol’s Signet of Cleansing which is a drop from Omor the Unscarred.

Forsaken Challenges

There is more to the Forsaken then just seeing them as dark, unholy creatures but it’s going to take time for that mindset to change. At first the Alliance asks around to find out who’s willing to even meet up with their former loved ones and friends, same is done on the Forsaken side and of course there are a lot of negotiations on how this is going to go down since the two sides are not exactly friends with each other. Not to mention that Sylvanas has quite a few reservations when it comes to all of this. She cares about the Forsaken and this will only lead to pain for her people. They cannot be human, and to dangle this temptation of reunion with loved ones will result in them growing discontented with who they really are – Forsaken.

They will deteriorate to heartbroken shells, wanting something they can never have. But Nathanos lets her know that she could also use this to her advantage. Many Forsaken wish their next death to be their last death. They do not wish to keep existing. And one reason commonly cited is that they want to be with those they loved while they lived. If she would authorize this experience – this reconnection with people they loved in life – and present it to them as something that she has generously granted them, perhaps they will more amenable to accepting her solution: finding ways to keep the Forsaken as a race from going extinct. The meeting is only for a single day. Give them this hope, this moment with people they thought they’d never see again. Then she holds the power to their happiness, at least in this aspect. Or they might decide they hate the living and be all the more devoted to their Dark Lady. Either way Sylvanas would win.

Learn more on Wowhead:

  • In the short story “Edge of Night” we learn that Sylvanas’ fate after Arthas’ fall is more complicated than the simple in-game dialogue. With her purpose complete, she longs for the peacefulness of death, throwing herself off the edge of the Frozen Throne. She’s not granted a quick death, but instead finds herself in a realm of anguish. Approached by the val’kyr who want to avoid being bound to the new Lich King, she rejoins the living and makes a pact with the remaining val’kyr.
  • In Cataclysm, Sylvanas and the Forsaken clash with Gilneas, starting a long bitter rivalry with Genn Graymane. She is shot and killed by Lord Godfrey, only to be resurrected by three of her Val’kyr in Cities in Dust. Through her pact with the Val’kyr, we also learn that she can raise humans as undead.
    The Val’kyr were first seen in Northrend by players, mostly under control of the Lich King—Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane are notable bosses, Val’kyrs pick players off the Lich King’s platform during the encounter.
  • Sylvanas in Legion is looking to recruit more Val’kyr to her cause in Stormheim, as the Forsaken cannot reproduce and the Val’kyr are a temporary solution to resurrecting their fallen. She makes a secret pact with Helya to obtain the Soulcage, an item allowing her to subdue and control the Val’kyr Eyir. Genn Greymane, tracking Sylvanas’ mission in Stormheim, leaps from the shadows, crushing the Soulcage and with that, freeing Eyir. We do not know the details of her pact with Helya, but we’ve speculated on it, and explained the Odyn and Helya story a bit more, in The Story of Odyn and Helya.

Meeting in Arathi

Like I said, if you really want those details on how this idea sparked to life, pick up the book. As planned the meeting took place and while some humans, despite agreeing to come, still turned away at the last moment and crushed the Forsaken that showed up. However, others did have a very touching reunion. So much so that they did not want the day to end. One of them approached a priest, Calia Menethil, sister to Arthas Menethil who like Alonsus also showed up again in Legion.

“I’d like to introduce you to Calia Menethil…yes that Menethil. She has been a great help these past few years. I’d like her to assist you helping the helpless. Conveying your word to the world, all that.”

We find out that she had secretly fallen in love with a footman, got married, and even had a child, but all of that was before Arthas and the scourge. She doesn’t remember much of that period besides lying in a ditch while the scourge passed over her. Eventually she was able to make her way to Southshore and reunite with her little family. For a time they were happy, no one recognized her since all assumed that she was dead, but then….the blight came. They ran, but in the crowd they were separated. While she was saved and taken past the limits of the town, she never found her family again and was hoping that they might have become Forsaken and that word of them might reach her at this meeting.

That would not be, instead she was recognized for who she was and asked to be there for the Forsaken that did not want to go back home. This was actually an idea discussed earlier between Anduin and Calia. Was she still the rightful heir to Lordaeron, would she want Stormwind to rage war against the Horde and reclaim her throne? Would a war be worth it?

Calia said that those who currently inhabit Lordaeron lived there in life. The Forsaken are the true heirs. It belongs to them now and the best she can do for those whom she would have ruled is exactly what she already was doing, being a priest and healing. Yet like I said, some of the Forsaken did not want this day to end and despite all rules set up before this meeting, they asked Calia to be there for them and started walking to Stromgarde Keep, away from their banshee queen.

Sylvanas realized they’re defecting and all hell broke lose. The rangers with her started shooting down those that dared to betray her, but she was also very smart about it. They made sure to only kill her own Forsaken since that way she wouldn’t be the one to start the Alliance-Horde war and still keep up her end of the bargain when it came to this meeting.

Sadly, not all of the Forsaken were willing to abandon their queen, not even for Calia. They wanted to come and started running at the signal, but they were shot all the same. Nathanos was a little bit shocked by that, but Sylvanas did not know if those that came back did so out of fear. How tempted were they until that point. No, she could not take the risk. The only Desolate Council members she trusts are the ones who returned to her early on, broken and bitter. Truly Desolate. All the others…she cannot allow that sentiment, that hope to grow. It is an infection ready to spread and she has to cut it out. She also knew that this wasn’t Anduin’s doing, he wasn’t that stupid, no this was on the head of that Calia girl and she was going to pay.

Learn more about Arathi

  • Arathi Highlands is primarily known as a questing zone in Eastern Kingdoms and the location of Arathi Basin, a 15v15 battleground where players fight over resources at five bases.
  • In Battle for Azeroth, Arathi will play a big role as the center for the first Warfront–Stromgarde. Warfronts are a 20-man, PvE, large-scale cooperative mode meant to represent the large-scale war on the homefront, as members of each faction fight for control of a location critical to their war efforts. Learn more about Warfronts with our Warfronts Guide.
  • As part of gaining control of the Warfront, the faction in command has access to special content in the outdoor Arathi world–a world boss, world quests, and numerous rare spawns. Here is an overview of mounts, pets and toys from Arathi, including , , , and .
  • Warfronts will reward distinctive armor and weapons showcasing faction pride. There are three tiers of helms, belts, and shoulders, each more elaborate than the next.
  • The important Forsaken characters killed in Before the Storm have a graveyard in Battle for Azeroth, as well as tombstones and little details like a wedding ring on Elsie’s tomb.

Calia Menethil

The banshee queen herself fired the arrow that took Calia’s life despite Anduin rushing the field and trying to save her. He is going to bring her body back to Netherlight Temple though so the Warchief and boy-king have a little stare down. He knows that she doesn’t want a war otherwise they wouldn’t be talking. But he has the right to declare it as she just broke the rules and killed one of his people. Ahh but Calia wasn’t one of his though, she was a citizen of Lordaeron and he was the one who brought a usurper onto the field. It’s she who would be well in her rights to consider that a hostile action but this stand down ends with words as Sylvanas is not quite ready for her war just yet. Anduin takes Calia’s body back to Netherlight Temple where the naaru Saa’ra, Alonsus and the order were waiting.

Calia would come to me when the dreams of what was past were too painful to endure. I cautioned her to have patience. There were things she had to do before the dreams would cease, things she must understand. People who would need her help. And I assured her of this seemingly strange truth; that sometimes the most beautiful and important gifts come wrapped in pain and blood. There will be no more of those battles for hew now. Calia Menethil will be freed from the pains of the living, from the nightmares that once rent her heart. She understood that those on that field were her people. And she accepted that responsibility by giving her life to try to save them. Not human, as they were when she was young, but Forsaken, as they were in that moment. Light and dark. Forsaken priest and human priest. Together you shall bring her back as the Light and she herself would have her be.

And that’s exactly what happens. Alonsus and Anduin each took one of Calia’s small, pale hands and a torrent of light starts spilling out. He usually experienced the light’s power flowing through him like a river, but now it seemed like a whole ocean was utilizing him as a vessel. The light limned him in its warm hue, and it chased around the still yet completely intact body of the queen of Lordaeron and whirled about the Forsaken archbishop. Anduin felt it swell like a wave, then crest and break, emptying him but not depleting him and the cold hand in his squeezed. Calia is resurrected, her eyes glowing a soft gentle white, not the eerie yellow hue of a Forsaken. She was dead, but she lived. She was no mindless undead, but she was not Forsaken either. She had been raised by a human and a Forsaken both using the power of the light, bathed in the radiance of a naaru.

Despite nearly causing a war, it was never her intention of doing so. She went to the meeting not to become a usurper, but when the Forsaken asked her to stand with them, she had a choice; support them and reveal who she was and get them and other to safety, or disavow them and get them killed. She was never taught how to rule, because no one expected her to. She never formally studied politics or strategy so when she went out there, she just followed her heart and nearly got everybody killed.


The book ends with Genn and Anduin having a discussion over the events, even someone like Genn surprisingly open to the idea of reuniting with the Forsaken and no one could have forseen how poorly Sylvanas could deal with anything that wasn’t complete and utter obeisance.

Despite the failure here today, Anduin will never stop hoping for peace and never stop believing that people can change. But he does realize that he’s been like a farmer expecting to harvest crops from a poisoned field. It’s simply not possible. People can chance, but some people will never – never desire to do so. Sylvanas Windrunner is one of those.

He took a deep breath. Sorrow and grim resolve made him look older. Genn had seen similar expressions on the faces of those who had been tasked with a heartbreaking duty.

When the boy spoke, Genn was glad of the words but saddened by his need to say them.

“I believe.” said Anduin Llane Wrynn, ‘that Sylvanas Windrunner is well and truly lost.”

And that’s where the story of Before the Storm ends leaving us with Calia Menethil, I guess a holy Forsaken. Weaponized Azerite as well as other utilities for the new substance. The world needing to rally with Magni Bronzebeard in order to heal the planet. Anduin and Sylvanas trying to see if they can get a small scale of peace going and a war that she isn’t ready for quite yet. Anduin Wrynn, the boy who once led Garrosh Hellscream into the Vale says that he believes she’s truly lost and gone. When someone like Anduin gives up hope…wauw….

“I find your faith inspiring little one, but I wonder if you have ever met our Warchief…”

Learn what comes next:

  • Following the events of Before the Storm, Sylvanas launches an attack on Teldrassil. She wants to subdue the night elves so Teldrassil cannot be used as a port for Azerite, which Anduin could potentially use to wage war on the Horde. We have previewed the early available quests, what the zone looks like after the destruction, spoilery broadcast text between main characters, and the Teldrassil Hippogryph Mount Reward. Learn more in our BFA Lore Overview.
  • At a later point, Anduin leads the attack on Lordaeron. They are initially successful, even destroying Horde Azerite War Machines, until Sylvanas uses her secret weapon–blight. To the horror of the Alliance, and some Horde including Saurfang, she unleashes Blight on the battlefield, killing both Alliance and Horde soldiers like. Then, she raises all the corpses as skeletons to fight for her. The tides turn back to the Alliance’s favor when Jaina shows up, blasting a hole into the wall of the city, but the fight ends with a surprise twist when Sylvanas is cornered. We have played through the Alliance and Horde versions of the battle and previewed Tirisfal Glades after the destruction.
  • The Collector’s Edition for Battle for Azeroth will come with two novels which detail the plot leading up to the burning of Teldrassil.
  • There’s much more faction conflict and story coming up in the expansion, which we’ve compiled in our Lore of Battle for Azeroth Overview, including the War Campaign, recruitment of the Dark Iron and Mag’har, and political betrayal on both Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

Interesting Details

Before I start the opinion part of this video, a couple of lore details that I thought were interesting to mention:

  • Being crushed by the Divine Bell has had an interesting effect on Anduin. Someone in the comments called it his holy spider sense, basically his bones ache whenever he’s on the wrong path – when he was being cruel, or thoughtless, or courting danger.
  • Greymane is pressuring him in selecting an heir for the throne while he has been forcefully rebuked for taking the assignment into Stormheim much further than Anduin had ordered.
  • The relationship between Sylvanas and Nathanos has been touched upon.

    Although she has left behind most warmer emotions the moment she had risen from the dead as a banshee, anger somehow had retained its heat. But she felt it subside to embers now. She seldom stayed angry for long at Nathanos Marris, known now as Blightcaller. She wanted to reach for his hand but contented herself with smiling benevolently at him.

  • Magni Bronzebeard takes a moment to visit Moira and his grandkid Dagran.
  • Jaina visits Kalecgos in Dalaran again. There’s still a lot of love between them, but Jaina isn’t quite done with searching where she belongs. She knows what she’s against, what angers her and where her hate is pointed towards. She knows what she doesn’t want, but she doesn’t know what calms her, or what she loves, or what she does want. As we see in the comic that journey takes her to Kul Tiras and will play out in Battle for Azeroth.
  • On the field of the meeting, Anduin actually Sylvanas if she betrayed his father.

    “Varian Wrynn’s destiny was set in stone, Little Lion. The Legion’s numbers would have seen to that whatever choice I made that day.”

    Anduin believes her and it’s not unreasonable to suppose that remaining there would have doomed them – and the Alliance.

  • Anduin can now wield a sword. In the past, he was always said to suck at it. He was decent with a throwing dagger or a bow and of course a strong affinity to the Light, but a fighter like his father he was not. He still isn’t really, but after the events in the Shattering, he began training in earnest. He wanted to become, if not a superior swordsman, a good one at least, and it appears that after a slow start similar to Arthas, he can now wield a weapon good enough to hold his own.
Learn more on Wowhead:

  • If you want to learn more about Anduin and the Divine Bell, complete the Operation Shieldwall Questline from Mists of Pandaria.
  • If you want to learn more about the relationship between Nathanos and Sylvanas, check out the short story “Dark Mirror,” to see how Nathanos received his updated, more human-like, NPC model.
  • Magni plays a large role in Battle for Azeroth as the driving force behind the Heart of Azeroth. However, the meeting with his grandson reminds us that he’s family to Moira Bronzebeard, the leader of the upcoming Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race. Magni was the subject of the Battle for Azeroth comic “The Speaker” and we’ve also created a lore spotlight on Moira.
  • While Jaina is only briefly present in the novel, she was recently the subject of a comic–“Reunion.” Here we learn more about why Jaina is shunned by Kul Tiras and her changing thoughts on the Horde. In Battle for Azeroth, Jaina tries to convince Kul Tiras to help the Alliance, but things do not go well and we must rescue her.
  • If you missed the early events of Legion, check out our Starting Legion Guide to see how the Alliance and Horde scenario played out, and why Anduin may have thought the Horde betrayed his father.
  • While Anduin has never been great with swords, in the Anduin Broken Shore Questline, he visits the location of his father’s death and picks up Shalamayne. Holding the sword grants him a vision of his father, and when it’s over, the sword is now glowing, symbolizing newfound confidence in Anduin and some closure with his father’s death. Read about the questline and view the cinematic here.


I was actually planning to end this video with a little opinion piece, give my opinion on the story as we know it so far but i think ill save that for a separate video as I’ve been going on for long enough.

All in all, I think a very short opinion would be that I wished they gave more development time to other subjects rather then just the Forsaken storyline that we see in Before the Storm. I really like that they try to give a different spin to established lore and they definetely give it time to develop. Like I mentioned in my review, you look at the concept of Forsaken and human reuniting and you’re like ‘really, is that going to happen?” but over time, with the examples that they use. With the slow and sure build up, you actually start to root for it and you hope that it works out.

This book reminded me a lot of War Crimes in that way. There was the whole build up of Garrosh to potentially, maybe, be better then he was. That kinda fell flat on its face, especially with the whole Warlords of Draenor. So I kinda wonder what this story is supposed to build up. We have Sylvanas weaponizing azerite. We have Anduin being aware of the fear of azerite, trying to defend the world against it. We have Calia as a holy undead for some reason and of course we have the messed up meeting between Forsaken and the humans. That’s maybe more to profile Sylvanas and … I dunno. Like I said I’ll save my opinion for a specific video where I can write down all my thoughts and give it a proper thing.

For now though I hope you enjoyed the story of before the storm and like I said, some of the more interesting and emotional conversations definately make it worth to pick it up. If you want some more details on all the things we talked about today, then check out the related Wowhead article in the description down below. Thank you very much for watching everyone. Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like if you enjoyed this one aaaand until next time guys…. see ya!

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