Beliefs From Historical Christians That Can Inspire Us Today

If you listen to our increasingly secular culture, you might think that Christianity is slowly fizzing out. They think that churches and prayer are a thing of the past. However, Christianity has completely defined the history of the Western world and continues to do so today. Christianity is thriving and it can be incorporated into the daily lives of those who live in the modern century.

One of the best ways we can spread Christianity and learn about the faith is by studying the history of it. Christianity began in the 1st century AD after Jesus died. The faith quickly grew and became the religion of countries all around the world. Throughout time, there have been important Christians that have stood up and fought for the faith, spread God’s Word when no one would listen, and changed the way we see Christianity today.

Who were some of these important and influential theologians in Christian history? How can we learn from them? These five Christians changed the world, and their beliefs can inspire us today.

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