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The full spoilers for The Witchwood have been released following a reveal stream with Ben Brode and Day[9].


A final reveal stream with Day[9] and Ben Brode has provided us with all of the remaining spoilers for The Witchwood. You can view the entire gallery of newly revealed cards right here. Every card from Witchwood Imp to Curse of Weakness was revealed today.

I’ve chosen a few of my favorite cards from among them to discuss below. I expect some of these cards to be major players in the post-rotation meta, and others I’ve highlighted because for their compelling designs:



The spoilers for Shaman are kind of all over the place. They’ll be getting cards that care about Battlecry, cards for an Elemental deck, cards that are clearly intended for control decks, a Murloc card, and this enticing removal spell. Its cheap, its efficient, and I’m a fan of the kinds of play patterns this encourages. You’ll have to plan out your Mana usage well to get the most out of Zap!, which leads me to believe that smart players will be able to get a lot more out of this card than others.



The best friend of Fatigue decks, Coldlight Oracle, will be rotating to the Hall of Fame when The Year of the Raven begins. Baleful Banker fills a different role than Coldlight Oracle did, but it offers these decks a tool they didn’t have before. Being able to generate 2 additional copies of a key win condition will give Fatigue-style decks a way to guarantee victory in the late game. It could also be used to enable certain combos which require more than 2 copies of a card to execute. Its too early to say exactly which decks this will fit into, but I think it has enough application that I expect it to see play in several decks throughout its time in Standard.



Kingsbane Rogue has been one of the better decks for what has been one of the weakest classes in the Kobolds & Catacombs meta. It’s losing Coldlight Oracle, but its gaining a new tool in Cutthroat Buccaneer which is arguably even better the deck’s strategy. This card plays to the board excellently for its Mana cost (something Kingsbane Rogue struggles with at times), and I’m of the opinion that Kingsbane decks should take basically every +1 Attack to weapon effect they can find. Combo is never as hard to trigger as people seem to think it is, and I expect Cutthroat Buccaneer to show up every Kingsbane deck.



I don’t expect many people to be excited about Lifedrinker, but I think its going to surprise people. A 4 Mana 3/3 isn’t great, dealing 3 damage to the enemy Hero isn’t great, and gaining 3 Health isn’t great. However, if you put all three of those things on the same card and add Beast synergy to it, what you get is something that adds up to playable. The sum is greater than the whole of its parts with Lifedrinker.



Nightscale Matriarch offers a ton of potential stats for the steep cost of 7 Mana. She’ll likely have to survive for a turn before she can start to create 3/3s, but at the same time it probably won’t be easy for your opponent to remove all 9 of its Health from the board. It has dragon synergy, its awesome with Lady in White and Inner Fire, and I think it does more than enough to see play.



It looks like the leaked cards were correct, as both Shudderwock and Prince Liam ended up in The Witchwood. Prince Liam is hot garbage, but Shudderwock has an incredible amount of potential. I’m guessing that he is probably one of the reasons that Coldlight Oracle was added to the Hall of fame, because some combination of Coldlight Oracle, Grumble, Worldshaker, Murmuring Elemental, and Shudderwock would be bonkers. Even without Coldlight, I expect there will be plenty of busted stuff to do with Shudderwock. I plan on spending the next few hours trying to brew up an OTK with this card, and will report back with my results.



Mage and Shaman are both picking up support for Elemental decks in The Witchwood, and I expect Sandbinder to make the cut in them. The downside to Sandbinder is that it doesn’t chain into Servant of Kalimos, but its probably a better turn 4 play than Fire Plume Phoenix in the average situation. This could also be used to pull key Elementals for decks that run low numbers of the minion type, such as Lyra the Sunshard, Grumble, Worldshaker, or Ragnaros, Lightlord.



This is so much stats for Inner Fire and Lady in White. I honestly couldn’t say if this does enough to see play as a purely defensive tool for Control decks, but I expect we’ll find out quickly whether this card is the real deal in Combo Priest.


There’s definitely a lot of cards for us to parse through in today’s reveals, but its never too early for wild speculation! Let us know in the comments which among these cards you expect to be the strongest and which you are the most excited to play with, and be sure to check out our Witchwood Hub for more information on the upcoming expansion.

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