Best Professions in Classic WoW (World of Warcraft)

Comment by iressiwi

on 2019-08-11T19:02:57-05:00

Amazing guide! Go go Quissy!

Comment by CondeNoMuerto

on 2019-08-11T19:16:32-05:00

So useful! Thanks!

Comment by baldie80

on 2019-08-11T19:17:43-05:00

It all sounds right to me. I have heard a lot of people claiming that bags (through tailoring) will be the way to make the most money early on, and that may be true, but I think alchemy will be the best long term profession for gold into the later tier releases. Yes, bigger bags are always sought after, but once you have them you have them (until you roll and alt, I guess) but consumables get consumed on use, meaning people will always need more. Raiders & PvPers both will want potions by the stack. A bag is a one-time sale, but Alchemy customers will be repeat customers!

Comment by Polynices

on 2019-08-11T19:32:30-05:00

If you’re a rogue or druid strongly consider mining as you’ll be able to do stealth solo black iron mining runs in BRD. Rogues in particular can very safely (thanks to vanish) collect quite a bit of this very valuable ore.

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