Best Projector Deals in August 2017

Best projector deals: All the best discounts, sales, and deals on projectors are right here so you can make an informed choice.

TVs are getting bigger and bigger nowadays, with the prices of some going into the thousands. However, you just can’t beat the cinematic experience of a projector. Projectors might seem a bit complex, but with some prices starting at less than your average TV out now, you don’t need to pay through-the-nose to get a great experience for your home cinema. With that in mind, here you’ll find the best deals on our favourite projectors.

Best projector deals – What is LCD, LCO, and DLP?

If you want a full rundown on projectors, check out our best projector guide, but here’s a quick explanation. A projector is a device that projects rays of light onto a canvas from photo slides or film. It’s the same setup you’ll find when you go to the cinema. When you’re looking at picking up a projector, there are three main types you should have in mind: LCD, LCos, and DLP.

LCD projectors use the oldest type of tech, where a light source splits into three wavelengths: red, green, and blue. Colour saturation and brightness are solid, but black levels aren’t as good as other types of projector tech.

Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) units work in a similar way to LCDs, but the difference is that LCoSs are mounted on a reflective, rather than transmissive surface. This means that LCoS projectors offer deeper blacks and higher contrast; it’s the best possible projector tech you can get your hands on, but it’s also the dearest.

Lastly, most DLP projectors use a single digital micromirror device (DMD) inside. These projectors are the smallest but also offer solid black performance. That said, contrast ratios and colour wheels leave quite a bit to be desired.

The other thing you’ll need to consider is resolution. We don’t recommend going south of a 1080p set, although you can pick up the latest 4K tech if your wallet can stretch to it.

Best projector deals – What is throw ratio?

Many of the projectors you’ll see will indicate their throw ratio, which is an important feature to bear in mind. Essentially, it indicates the size of screen you can project at what distance.

Short-throw projectors can project big images close-up, a good option if you only want to simply setup your projector on a table, as with the BenQ TH530.

On the other side of the spectrum are permanently-installed, ceiling-mounted models, where throw ratio is less of an issue. Regardless, always check your chosen screen size can be filled from the installation distance.

Best projector deal

BenQ W1070 – £499.00 down from £815.99 at Amazon

Buy now: Amazon

At Amazon you can grab a massively-reduced projector from BenQ. It’s not the newest device out there, but it’s nearly 40% off a great setup.

Even at its original price we loved the value-for-money of the BenQ W1070 in our review: “People on the hunt for an exceptionally cheap but still movie-loving projector have never had it so good.”

Read our full review here

Best cheap projector deals

Caiwei 1080p – £208.00 down from £370.00 at Amazon

Buy now: Amazon

There’s a massive discount on this decent projector at Amazon. 1080p is the minimum resolution we’d recommend, but this is still a great deal.

Users that bought the Caiwei 1080p on Amazon enjoyed the easy setup and atmosphere created.

Optoma HD142X – £459.78 down from £549.99 at Amazon

Buy now: Amazon

This Full HD set also has a strong discount applied at Amazon. It comes with a bespoke gaming mode that optimises your projection for fast response times, vivid colours, and maximum contrast.

Reviewers on Amazon noted how much they liked the picture quality and resolution of the Optoma HD142X.

Abox T22 – £88.99 down from £299.99 at Amazon

Buy now: Amazon

With a huge 70% discount at Amazon the Abox T22 is a sub-£100 steal.

Amazon reviewers especially liked the value-for-money from the Abox T22.

Apeman Mini Pocket –  £169.99 down from £399.99 at Amazon

Buy now: Amazon

On top of a very good price reduction at Amazon, this smart, little projector is wonderfully-portable.

Amazon reviewers loved the size and picture quality of the Apeman Mini Pocket.

Abis HD6000 – £199.99 down from £269.00 at Amazon

Buy now: Amazon

The Abis HD6000 is a great option for quickly and easily playing video games in a great atmosphere only made possible by a projector. And it’s a tasty £26% off.

Buyers on Amazon appreciated the easy setup and and value-for-money from the Abis HD6000.

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