Birthday Girls Raises Money For Brother, Then Gets Free Toys

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Birthdays are a very special time of year for any child. Most kids look forward to having a day all to themselves, where they are the center of attention. Whether it’s a big party or a small, quiet family dinner, birthdays are just plain fun.

While most children wouldn’t turn down birthday gifts for any reason, little Kierston Lee of Colonial Heights, Virginia opted against receiving toys in favor of asking for something far more important to her.

Kierston, who just turned 9 years old, created a Facebook video with her family, asking their followers for donations on behalf of her baby brother.

Baby Christian, Kierston’s younger sibling, was just under a year old when he had to receive a liver transplant. The sweet little boy required expensive medicine in order to stay healthy following the surgery.

Kierston posted her adorable donation request video on Deliver for Christian, the Facebook support page her parents had set up for Christian’s journey. The “BIG Sister Birthday Challenge” was shared on June 22, 2017, just ahead of Kierston’s 9th birthday. It has since been viewed over 3,600 times.

The little girl’s selfless birthday wish was covered by local news in her town. It caught the attention of the Hopewell Moose Family Center, who met Kierston at a local Toys R Us for a special birthday surprise.

Check out Kierston’s birthday shopping spree in the video below.

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Footage provided by WTVR Richmond

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