Black Ops 4 Blackout Guns Guide: The Best Weapons For Any Situation

It’s tough to be ready for all the scenarios you’ll see in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s battle royale mode, Blackout. The total unpredictability of how you might encounter other players is part of the draw of the battle royal genre, after all. Will you catch them out in the open, in perfect position for an easy sniper headshot? Or will you open a door to discover someone camping in a corner, listening for your arrival?

Having the right gun for the task at hand can mean the difference between getting a kill and getting killed in Blackout, but you can only carry so much. You’re afforded two weapons slots, plus inventory space for a host of gadgets, grenades, and perks. More often than not, though, Blackout engagements will come down to a combination of skill, luck of the draw, and having a weapon you know and trust in your holster.

You can’t always have the perfect gun for the job, but you can try to plan for what’s likely, adjust based on your own playstyle preferences, and try to be prepared. If you expect to be up close and personal inside structures, close-range weapons such as SMGs and shotguns are super-effective. Likewise, you can get away with some long-range engagements with the right rifles and optics, even if you’re not much of a sniper or marksman. But Blackout is full of weapons options, and when you’ve got time to have your pick, it can be tough to choose which guns to grab and which to leave behind.

Here’s a smattering of guns we’ve come to enjoy for different types of scenarios that might help you make some informed choices.

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