Blizzard is Looking for Mythic+ Feedback

Comment by Sci1

on 2018-05-29T19:46:39-05:00

get rid of skittish, and explosive thats all

Comment by Crozbozy

on 2018-05-29T19:47:52-05:00

I like the direction they’re taking. I hope M+ is really fun and rewarding in BFA, Legion’s M+ kinda got stale and not worth completing outside of weekly +15 after literally 2-3 weeks into each tier.

Comment by 68doc

on 2018-05-29T19:48:21-05:00

Bursting needs to die in a fire. I love the rest of them affixes.

Comment by 68doc

on 2018-05-29T19:51:18-05:00

I like the direction they’re taking. I hope M+ is really fun and rewarding in BFA, Legion’s M+ kinda got stale and not worth completing outside of weekly +15 after literally 2-3 weeks into each tier.

Mounts and pets will have a chance to drop from the final chest in some dungeons. I think that’ll get more people in even if it only low levels.

Comment by yoppa74

on 2018-05-29T19:52:50-05:00

no EU version of this?

Comment by 68doc

on 2018-05-29T20:02:54-05:00

no EU version of this?

Not yet. Give it a minute.

Comment by yoppa74

on 2018-05-29T20:03:53-05:00

no EU version of this?

Not yet. Give it a minute.

it’s been an hour

Comment by Wizardries

on 2018-05-29T20:05:26-05:00

I would like to see Blizzard implement some sort of penalty system for players, there are too many people who leave after a wipe and end up destroying a key with no repercussion to them. It should be treated like any ranked game, leavers get penalized.

Comment by BitterWinter

on 2018-05-29T20:06:25-05:00

Mythic + is an excellent feature – Dungeons are some of my favourite content so it was really great to see them actually last throughout the expansion 🙂

Comment by aromagnoli

on 2018-05-29T20:08:28-05:00

Explosive and teeming need to be exclusive. Or get rid of explosive! Please!

Comment by Ahndrumon

on 2018-05-29T20:12:37-05:00

Explosive. Won’t even try when that one’s up.

Comment by gamer74123

on 2018-05-29T20:15:02-05:00

Please leave your feedback on the official thread as feedback on here will not be heard by Blizzard.

Comment by sLiBu

on 2018-05-29T20:17:57-05:00

I would love to see an ingame rating system like in PvP with cosmetic rewards that require a certain rating to buy.

Comment by sinangelus

on 2018-05-29T20:20:35-05:00

no EU version of this?

Not yet. Give it a minute.

More like tomorrow, it’s 3am on EU servers, Blizzard forum staff doesn’t work at these hours.

But yeah, I do hope for EU thread too, even though probably it’s not gonna be listened to anyway, because EU.

Comment by Swatcher

on 2018-05-29T20:39:59-05:00

I think with skittish, a fix would be either to provide more specs with a misdirect, rather than forcing “groups of friends” to respec into hunters and rogues for that one week. Or making everyone feel that hunters and rogues are so required in that one week that you must take one to a PuG but possibly ignoring them the rest of the weeks creating a massive imbalance. In terms of the affix itself, I think it works great for low level tanking because it gives you options. Ie, you have to switch your build to a more DPS heavy build that you may avoid taking in normal raiding circumstances. I think that is interesting. I do not think its interesting to be forced to only take two other classes though, so that they can stay alive when aggro “will eventually break”.

I read through the Mythic+ tournament feedback from the teams. I would like to provide the feedback that I would like, on the launcher, to see interviews with the teams around the time of the event. I’d like to know which “guys to cheer for” as there are always going to be underdog teams nobody knows. Whilst this is fine to have some mystery, the voyeurism in sports for women is a lot to do with the charisma of the males. I think it would be wise to include it. The same way inputting voice coms is great for PuGs, putting in interviews works in the same way for how we “view the other people”. Just being able to see what kind of people they are, so we know how to behave in regards to them in watching. Why this is important is because in metas, their psychological profiles are not always directly implied by the classes they play. They play what is good, not what they feel like. In other situations a spec, class, race or sex of a character can give you a window into understanding that person. This isn’t as effective in tournament because of meta builds, so if you could give us some info on them beforehand that would be nice :).

Also, 15 seconds of fame for like 6 months of work seems a decent trade I’d imagine. This is especially important for the Chinese teams. The Chinese market has a lot more competition for games like WoW (I’m teaching English in China and I asked at a gaming net cafe… though there was a large store that sold chinese gear shop blizzard merch which was exciting for me), so highlighting the importance of the players in the Asian regions would be greatly beneficial.

APAC involves a lot of countries, so being able to tell what countries the teams come from is very important. “Cheering for Australia” when the team comes from NZ or Singapore (of which there are lots of players on the Oceanic realms) is important for the casters and viewers to know. Last year many people claimed that a team were from NZ but everyone kept calling them Aus, including the casters. They are very different countries with very different cultures. The idea that a NZ team placed (possibly) with such a small island country, is hugely amazing and I feel it should be promoted by Blizzard. An argument that its great for gaming within NZ and also great for the motif of “Blizzard supports smaller nations in competitions” regardless of how they do. The Australians watching would put on their NZ accents, asking for fysh and chups and cheer for them as if they were Australian. I don’t think its “massively negative” to cite the location of a team… its the quality of play.

In terms of Seat, (a dungeon I greatly like), I would like it if achievements to unlock dungeons were account-wide from the launch of the new dungeons. As so to note to people “you only have to do this once, its alrite, just do it.” The opening concept that “i may have to do this 12 times” totally stops some people from even doing it on their first because the entirety of it is daunting.

In terms of the affixs and timers… I think there can be something learnt by addons but the base UI works fine. Playing with the idea of “time of death” counters and such is interesting. Battle rezs and lust timers built into the Mythic+ UI would be greatly useful. Which was something learnt during the MDI, putting that into the base UI for players without WAs would be better for PuGs.

I think Nnogga’s new Mythic+ addon will revolutionise the game and that it is something that should likely be thought about in terms of how Mythic+ “looks” in WoW. Ie, humanoid tracking on hunters being able to be made “dungeon-wide” and place on the map or etc. The addon looks amazing though, and greatly affects things like prior knowledge on how to deal with Teeming which is fantastic.

Dungeon scaling in dungeons, after playing a lot in PuGs, is something that I find the most issue with in the game. A +2 to +10 isn’t a big issue. From +10 to +14 feels very harsh. I feel like this has been changed by introducing Fortified and Tyrannical at +2 level and scaling it slowly which is great. Though my issue with this is more a concern with the +15 “lock” at the end of Legion (the +15 would likely be another number at different points in Legion and BfA possibly). So, what I found was that people from +2 to +14 were “learning”. As soon as you hit +15, you are over dramatically swamped with “raiders” and people who are just looking to do that 1 key level. It makes it so any content <+15 or >+15 is much less required and you meet different kind of players through this environment. I understand that bringing in “killing keys” by dropping them on level back to a 15 has made this a little simpler for people which is good. I am not implying I want people to do content they don’t need. Nobody thinks that is (omits swearing) necessary.

What I am debating is why the playerbase seems unaware that a +2 to +14 is for “learning” the dungeons, affixs and team compositions. I feel that because it is not given this “flag” of dictation, that players cite anything under a +15 is “bad players” and negative behaviour. Rather than a learning curb. Everyone in a low level Mythic+ is either, grinding an alt to a +15 and assumes everyone in there is just bad, or has absolutely no idea what they are doing. This is all fine. I just feel that citing in some predetermined way that “these dungeons are green level difficult, or blue level difficult or purple level difficult” would really help the playerbase in not complaining. When your in greens, your learning stuff and leveling. Changing the colour of the dungeon overlay to being variants of colour would greatly help and lower the stress levels. As a player entering into Mythic+ for the first time, your not necessarily aware. Its completely daunting and there isnt a “great understanding” between a +12 and a +22 just from looking at it. Ie, gear and a static group make dungeons totally different. I feel some kind of visual representation would help a lot. A +8 is a much safer place to learn routes for skipping trash, for which packs directly work out to be 100% and etc. It would be nice if this was instituted somehow.

Thanks for reading :).

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