Blizzard Roundup: Wowhead Weekly #125, Overwatch League, Stukov in Heroes

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This week’s Blizzard Roundup includes the New Blizzard Launcher Beta, Ben Brode’s Reddit AMA, the most recent Heroes Patch and the first teams to join the Overwatch League.

Wowhead Weekly

Wowhead Weekly has returned now that Perc is finished moving and has a new mic/office setup! Wowhead Weekly is a World of Warcraft podcast with Wowhead Site Manager Perculia and Video Manager TradeChat where all the recent Blizzard news and Wowhead developments are discussed. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see every episode. We also livestream each episode Friday afternoons, starting at 6pm EST, on

We had a lot of news to catch up on, specifically all the Patch 7.3 PTR details such as questing on Argus, the new raid, Tier 21 Armor, and Artifact Updates! There’s also been a few updates on 7.2.5 including the Mythic Progression Race and Black Temple Timewalking.

SDCC Merchandise

Blizzard has revealed new merchandise premiering at SDCC. New this year, the Blizzard merchandise introduced at SDCC will not be exclusive–players will have chances to acquire it later, either at other conventions or via the Blizzard Shop.

Highlights included Carbon Fiber D.Va, oversized Cute but Deadly Arthas, and a Tokidoki x Overwatch collaboration.

Diablo Double XP Weekend

From July 14th through July 17th, Diablo players enjoy double experience points!


Starting this weekend, all heroes who log in to Diablo III on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will receive double the usual amount of experience points!

The bonus buff begins in the Americas, Australia, and on console today, July 14 at 5 p.m. PDT and ends Monday, July 17 at 10 a.m. PDT. The buff is currently live in other regions and will end at various times (see below for details).

• Korea / Taiwan: Ends July 17 @ 8:00 UTC*
• China: Ends July 17 @ 8:00 UTC*
• Europe: Ends July 17 @ 11:00 UTC*

*For time zone assistance, click here.

Whether you’re just starting out with your new Necromancer or working on taking your Paragon level even further, get ready to jump into the fray and rise to new heights!

New Blizzard Launcher Beta

Blizzard has released a new Beta Build for the Blizzard App/Launcher. Changes include new smaller game icons and a toggle allowing you to collapse game names. We’ve also found some Destiny 2 assets in the launcher, so this update is probably to include Destiny 2.

Here are the patch notes and a screenshot!

Hearthstone – Ben Brode Reddit AMA

Ben Brode hosted an AMA on Reddit yesterday and answered a lot of questions about Hearthstone. Our sister site Hearthhead has rounded up all the questions and answers.

Heroes – Stukov Patch

The latest Heroes of the Storm patch has been released with Stukov being the newest hero to join the nexus! We highlighted his spotlight last week and he’s now available for play in game!


Alexei Stukov had a hard life, and an even harder death. He has been betrayed, shot into space, resurrected and infested, almost cured, and then experimented upon as the infestation returned. Now, his infestation spreads within the Nexus…

  • Bio-Kill Switch (D)
    Activate to detonate all of Stukov’s Viruses. Each Healing Pathogen heals its target, and each Weighted Pustule does damage and Slows its target by 70% for 2 seconds. Can be cast while Channeling Lurking Arm.

Basic Abilities

  • Healing Pathogen (Q)
    Infest an allied Hero with a Healing Pathogen that heals the target for 240 Health over 4.5 seconds. Healing Pathogens can spread to a nearby allied Hero every 0.75 seconds, and a single Healing Pathogen can spread to each allied Hero 1 time.

Weighted Pustule (W)

  • Hurl a pustule that impacts all enemy Heroes in its path, dealing damage and Slowing by 5%, increasing to 50% over 3 seconds. Deals additional damage upon expiring or being removed.

Lurking Arm (E)

  • Channel at a target location, creating an area that Silences enemies inside and deals 144 damage per second to them. Deals 50% reduced damage to non-Heroes.Does not cost Mana while Channeling, and lasts until canceled or interrupted.

Heroic Abilities

  • Flailing Swipe (R)
    Swipe 3 times in front of Stukov over 1.75 seconds, dealing damage to enemies hit and knocking them away. Each swipe is larger than the previous.

Massive Shove (R)

  • Extend Stukov’s arm. If it hits an enemy Hero, they are rapidly shoved until they collide with terrain, taking damage. Stukov gains 50 Armor while shoving an enemy.

Overwatch League First Teams

We haven’t heard too much from the Overwatch League, but this week the Overwatch League announced its first 7 teams: Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Shanghai and Seoul. Blizzard has also announced that players will be able to support the collective teams via special in-game items, as 50% of the revenue will go into the shared revenue pool.

Make sure to check out the official blog for all the details.

StarCraft War Chest

The StarCraft War Chest was revealed today and can be bought starting on July 19. The War Chest for Blizzcon 2017 contains more than 70 new items which will be available over the upcoming months. In addition 25% of all War Chest proceeds will go to the Blizzcon Prize Pool.

Head over to the War Chest website for more information on War Chests, or to see to current Blizzcon Prize Pool.

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