BlizzCon 2019 Adventurer’s Guide – Wowhead News

Comment by grimreappertazzz

on 2019-10-28T18:46:54-05:00

soooo, i am hoping that the schedule is still a work in progress…

Comment by vindurza

on 2019-10-28T18:51:47-05:00

Here’s hoping one panel is immortal being canceled

Comment by gumbydammit223

on 2019-10-28T19:17:41-05:00

Glad to see Closing Entertainment didn’t have to pull out at the last minute!

Comment by ranger10700

on 2019-10-28T19:18:19-05:00

Spoilers 🙂

Comment by Salvadore

on 2019-10-28T19:50:22-05:00

Here’s hoping one panel is immortal being canceledr
Immortal will not be canceled, and likely will be released soon…

Comment by RemRem

on 2019-10-28T20:03:07-05:00

I hope so

Comment by Dziubla

on 2019-10-28T20:09:21-05:00

Interesting that we’re just days away, and they still haven’t revelead either the band, or even the hosts…

Comment by Lautner

on 2019-10-28T20:57:42-05:00

Not only is immortal not gonna be cancelled, but it’ll prolly be their most successful diablo game to date.r
People underestimate mobile games. I’m a pc gamer, phone games are for toilet time for me :p But I see how many millions play’em.

Comment by Vibriss

on 2019-10-28T21:52:46-05:00

I am very glad they’re making the ‘What’s Next’ panels free to watch for everyone. I like to watch Blizzcon live, but the price of the ticket last two years has been way higher than it’s worth.

Comment by reprieve

on 2019-10-28T23:15:05-05:00

I hope to see some Vulpera cosplay. I have seen a lot of people testing Vulpera over at PTR. And Orgrimmar right now is full of furry RP which might give Goldshire Inn a bit of competition.

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