Blue Tweets Round-up: Sep 11

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Only the first Netherlight Crucible trait will work in PvP, Soultender Videx was removed from the Commander of Argus achievement and Concordance trait can be purchased nearly indefinitely.

Netherlight Crucible Traits & PvP

The first crucible trait Netherlight FortificationNetherlight Fortification works in PvP. Other traits won’t work.

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Soultender Videx Hotfix

Soultender Videx was removed from Commander of ArgusCommander of Argus requirement, because it seems the devs forgot to spawn the creature. Commander of ArgusCommander of Argus is an achievement that rewards Arsenal: Weapons of the LightforgedArsenal: Weapons of the Lightforged when you kill all listed rare Argus elites.

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Concordance of Legionfall

The Artifact trait Concordance of the LegionfallConcordance of the Legionfall can be purchased with Artifact Power nearly indefinitely.

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