Boralus – Music & Ambience (1 hour, 4K, World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth aka BfA)

Boralus – Music & Ambience (1 hour, 4K, World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth aka BfA)

Boralus is the capital of the island city-state of Kul Tiras. It is located on the mouth of a river or strait running through Tiragarde Sound. Boralus is a safe port of call in unsafe waters. The outer wall hosts a marketplace that is second to none. Merchants from all over Azeroth dock here to trade their goods. For most visitors, the market is all they ever see of Boralus.

Daelin Proudmoore was the “Lord Admiral” and king of Kul Tiras. As “Grand Admiral” of the Alliance, he was the supreme commander of the naval forces of the Alliance during the Second War. He was a staunch enemy of the Horde, refusing to believe that it could ever change its ways — he greatly hated the orcs and would have been more than willing to see them all dead. Eventually he was consumed by his own hatred, and killed by the Horde led by Rexxar.

When the people of Kul Tiras learned of their Lord Admiral’s death, they cried out for vengeance, but the other nations of the Alliance were not interested. Ordeals caused by the plague in Lordaeron were more immediate concerns, and the other allied leaders also had little pity for Daelin’s own aggressive actions. The people of Kul Tiras furiously isolated themselves from the rest of the Alliance, but were not angry with all of the Alliance leaders. They instead nursed a bitter hatred only towards Jaina for betraying her family.

Original music from World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Drustvar (always marked on the video and accompanied by day & night ambience sound):
00:30 Boralus Harbor 1 (Updated name: Classic Battle D)
01:59 Boralus General 1 (Updated name: Classic Battle C)
03:39 Boralus Intro
03:58 Kul Tiran High Seas B
06:22 Kul Tiran Parley B
07:31 Freehold B
09:38 Outlaw Harbor C
12:37 House Ashvane A
14:35 Ashvane Company C
16:27 House Ashvane H
18:25 Ashvane Company E
20:44 Kul Tiran High Seas A
23:13 Jaina Homeland Military 1
25:00 Kul Tiras Stone Day 12
26:21 Jaina Homeland Lyrical 1
28:12 Kul Tiras Peaks Day 1
29:35 Jaina Homeland Military 2
31:23 Kul Tiras Peaks Night 9
32:43 Kul Tiras Sky Night 6
35:09 Jaina Homeland Lyrical 2
37:00 Kul Tiras Stone Night 11
38:21 Kul Tiras Sky Night 4
39:38 Jaina Homeland Lyrical H
41:20 Jaina Homeland Military 3
42:07 Freehold H
44:17 Kul Tiran High Seas B
46:41 Kul Tiran Parley H
47:51 Tiragarde Sound Taverns Day 1 (Generic name)
50:03 Tiragarde Sound Taverns Night 1 (Generic name)
52:17 Tiragarde Sound Taverns Day 2
55:23 Stormsong B

Kul Tiran High Seas, Kul Tiran Parley and Boralus Intro is composed by Sam Cardon
Ashvane Company and Tiragarde Sound Taverns themes is composed by David Arkenstone
Kul Tiras Sky, Kul Tiras Stone, Kul Tiras Peaks music is composed by David Arkenstone and Leo Kaliski
Outlaw Harbor and Freehold soundtrack is composed by Glenn Stafford
Stormsong track is composed by Derek Duke
Jaina Homeland Lyrical and Jaina Homeland Military is composed by Jason Hayes
Classic Battle music is composed by Glenn Stafford and Leo Kaliski

Main areas from WoW BfA Boralus:
00:32 Boralus Harbor
03:48 Tradewinds Market
06:37 Harbormaster’s Office
10:23 Ashenvale Company Yards
13:11 Ashenvale Docks
15:54 Dumpwick Ward
20:46 Hook Point
23:23 Boralus Harbor towards Uptown Borough
25:16 Uptown Borough
29:59 Unity Square
35:50 Proudmoore Keep
44:23 Proudmoore Barracks
47:03 Crosswind Commons
50:08 Mariner’s Row
53:22 The Curious Octopus Tavern (Mariner’s Row)
55:30 Stormsong Monastery
59:00 Outro (Don’t click!!)

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