Boralus Updates in Build 26624 – The Ruff Waters, Dueler’s Guild, The Relentless

Comment by DemosthenesHPW

on 2018-05-15T22:52:59-05:00

Something went very wrong with this build. Server’s been going down every 20 minutes since it hit the beta servers. :\ I’ve patched 3 times now since the update. Like, beta’s beta, but something tells me someone put some stuff in this build that wasn’t supposed to be there.

Comment by Warregory

on 2018-05-15T23:22:50-05:00

You forgot screenshots; they added pandaren NPCs and vendors down in the Tradewinds Market, lower levels. And a portal room.

Comment by Melilithia

on 2018-05-16T01:41:53-05:00

I’m more of a cat person (the crazy cat lady house is amazing), but d’awwww. Puppies!

Comment by Rascoth

on 2018-05-16T03:26:55-05:00

I hope our Dog will travel to The Ruff Waters. It’s too stubborn to not do that.

Comment by Kayarie

on 2018-05-16T05:21:57-05:00

Meanwhile horde gets no crazy cat lady or ruff waters or anything along those cosmetically entertaining lines… :[

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