Brave 5th-Grader Takes A Stand Against Bullying At Board Meeting

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Delanie Marcotte of New Hampshire hated going to school… and for a heartbreaking reason that’s becoming all too common. Delanie claimed she was the victim of horrible verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her classmates. Her family tried taking the issue to the school district, but they felt let down by its lack of effective response.

In July 2018, Delanie and her parents attended her district’s school board meeting. They’d had enough of the bullying and hoped her story would motivate the community leaders to take solid action.

But just as Delanie’s dad, Todd, prepared to face the eight-member board and speak on her behalf, Delanie stopped him.

Then she did something completely unexpected.

“Can I go?” she asked Todd. The brave fifth-grader decided she wanted to be the one to share her own experiences.

And so, Delanie took Todd’s place, sat down before the board and read her prepared statement, completely on her own.

Bu the end of her account, the entire room was speechless — and her powerful words were shared by thousands of people all over the country.

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