Brawler’s Guild Transmog Armor in Patch 8.1.5

Comment by frostyfire14

on 2019-01-08T22:59:57-06:00


Comment by ILikeTie

on 2019-01-08T23:02:09-06:00


Comment by Grimora

on 2019-01-08T23:04:25-06:00

Love the look of it!r
Would particularly love some of the pieces on my druid. 😀

Comment by zazhuu

on 2019-01-08T23:04:52-06:00

Sick transmResidentSleeper

Comment by Jvchequer

on 2019-01-08T23:06:05-06:00

Bruce as mount it’s the best thing on this patch so far.

Comment by bettomendes

on 2019-01-08T23:17:56-06:00

Man, I can’t wait for this! Love Brawler’s Guild, Bruce as a mount is super cool! 🙂

Comment by Garltok

on 2019-01-08T23:33:47-06:00

I wonder if it’s possible to not get updates posted every hour, my discord webhook blows up all day every day now. Why not just update existing ones and consolidate all 8.1.5 updates, all allied race updates, ect. Or let us filter out the PTR updates which happen so frequently…

Comment by Vanderz

on 2019-01-08T23:34:24-06:00

They definitely match the theme.

Comment by Perothvius

on 2019-01-08T23:36:23-06:00

2019 and this is the best you can do? cmon this xmog looks like cataclysm lvling set.

Comment by nikapo

on 2019-01-08T23:45:08-06:00

Sorry, but the armor kind of looks like they’re wearing their little sister’s shorts that are wayy too small for them :’D

Comment by hevgirl

on 2019-01-09T00:25:45-06:00

if the bracers aren’t attached to the gloves, then it looks like they could be fun for xmog, same with the belt. the rest leaves a lot to be desiredr
cmon this xmog looks like cataclysm lvling set. Perothvius is spot-on accurate.

Comment by Alwind

on 2019-01-09T00:28:25-06:00

Hulk vs Thor?

Comment by ZerOrbit

on 2019-01-09T00:38:11-06:00

It’s a unique armor design. Obviously it isn’t cool or anything but its unique. Spiked gloves + elbow and knee pads for safety. That’s different. Not cool at all obviously, but nobody can argue with having options.

Comment by kingTaven

on 2019-01-09T00:39:54-06:00

Meh tmog set but since I am a collector ill have to get it. Bruce on the other hand…..

Comment by Hadesillo

on 2019-01-09T00:42:03-06:00

2019 and this is the best you can do? cmon this xmog looks like cataclysm lvling set.r
Those sets were awesome, a lot better than raid ones.

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