Bring A Dragon Age Morrigan Figure Home Without Breaking The Bank

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The world of video game collectibles isn’t an inexpensive one. Often, there isn’t much available for those who want to fill their shelves on a budget.

Diamond Select Toys is hoping to change that for fans of one of Dragon Age’s iconic characters. An upcoming Morrigan figure due for release June carries an MSRP of $25, but can be found on a number of hobby retailer sites for a few dollars less.

This figure is seven inches tall and features sixteen points of articulation. It come with a staff and a diorama base (pictured). The packaging is designed for display should you wish to leave the figure in pristine condition.

This is significantly more affordable than the limited edition Morrigan statuette that we featured in 2014. That item was limited to 1,200 units and cost $330. It's also less expensive than the $120 Alistair figure designed by ThreeZero. 

[Source: BigBadToyStore via IGN]

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