Building an AI mindset: Time to identify and develop skill sets now

The more I’ve had the opportunity to explore this concept of the martech mindset, the more I’ve realized how important it is that we shift our thinking to view artificial intelligence (AI) as an evolution rather than as a revolution. Artificial intelligence, once an abstract, futuristic concept, is now a reality, so this needs to occur sooner rather than later. It’s no longer a hypothetical; AI is changing the game for brands in tangible, practical applications.

Adoption is not the issue, as investments in AR and VR are expected to grow from $11.4 billion in 2017 to $215 billion in 2021, according to IDC.

Entire industries are finding innovative ways to solve persistent business challenges and create efficiencies through AI — take the proliferation of chatbots in marketing, for example. Individual brands are seizing the AI opportunity as well. Lowe’s “LoweBot,” an autonomous retail service robot that helps customers find products in-store in multiple languages, is another great example of the power of AI in practice.

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