Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons – Healthy Free Range Angus Beef Dog Treats – The Perfect Gourmet Pet Chews that Dogs Love! Made in the USA (15 Pack)

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Be Careful of Low Quality Beef Snacks

Our Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons are 100% Natural from Free Range Happy Cows. You won’t find any fillers, antibiotics, hormones, chemicals or any additives or preservatives with any of our products. We guarantee you will not find a higher quality Bully stick or Beef Tendon.

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

The Benefits of our Beef Snacks are numerous:

* The tendons are chondroitin and glucosamine – promotes healthy cartilage in joints.

* Our mix pack is perfect for any breed or size of dog. Especially deal if you have more than one dog.

* Do you have an anxious dog? Both are snacks are occupational chews that help with anxiety.

* Highest quality lean protein to keep to build muscle and improve and maintain oral health.

* 100% fully digestible unlike rawhide.

* Comes in a resealable bag to lock in the freshness.

Why Choose WyldLife Pets Products?

We stand by our products with a 100% no questions asked guarantee. Our product is 100% American made from a sustainable source. We want you and your dog to be a happy customer. We have the best customer service on Amazon. We value your business and WE ALWAYS look after our customers.

100% Natural:

Made of only Free Range, Grass Fed Beef from the USA


Natural Beef Pizzle & Beef Tendon


8 Bully Sticks & 7 Beef Tendons


6 inches in length

Country of Origin:


WHO’S A GOOD BOY? – Your dog is! And they deserve to be rewarded with our amazing gourmet dog treats! Why choose between one or the other? Our delicious combo pack includes 6-inch bully sticks AND 7 beef tendons. Your furry friend will love you (even more) for these healthy dog chew sticks and tasty Beef Tendons because they will have the best of both worlds in one pouch! Plus, they are good for all size/breeds of dogs. A total catch!
HEALTHY PETS ARE HAPPY PETS: We have your dog’s best interest in mind, that’s why our long-lasting bully sticks promote clean teeth and strong gums while our beef tendons have chondroitin and glucosamine that help strengthen their joints and cartilages. Help them stay healthy and happy!
DON’T BE FOOLED BY LOW ODOR BULLY STICKS. Odorless sticks usually include bleach and other harmful chemicals, but ours are free of any additives, hormones, chemicals or preservatives. They also use low quality steer beef which has a lot less nutritional value. Our treats are made with 100% bull pizzle and highest quality free range Angus beef so every treat has the natural smell that dogs love.
NO MORE LOSING SHOES TO YOUR DOG’S ANXIETY: We know dogs can be anxious sometimes, and we also know that they usually go for our favorite pair of shoes. But don’t fear, keep your shoes intact and your dog happy! These treats are perfect to keep your best bud busy by giving them a healthy and tasty treat to gnaw on.
IF YOU CONSIDER YOUR DOG PART OF THE FAMILY, DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS: Try the WyldLife Pets difference: The highest quality and best customer service on Amazon. All our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. You have nothing to lose and only your dogs love to gain!


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